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Watch 'Lookin' for a Fight' with Dana White full video, Ep. 1

Earlier this morning, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White took off his shirt and did the polar bear plunge into the icy Atlantic Ocean off the east coast with his sidekicks Matt Serra and "Nick The Tooth."

It was part of the plan to promote his upcoming Internet-based road show entitled, "Lookin' for a Fight," which follows White and Co. around the United States as they hunt for young, talented mixed martial arts (MMA) up-and-comers like Sage Northcutt (more details here), among others, including (possibly) the first opponent for former WWE star, CM Punk.

The first episode was supposed to debut next week (Mon., Jan. 11, 2016), but instead White flipped the script and blasted it out earlier this evening. There is more than likely a reason for the premature debut, or not, but it's now live and able to watch in its entirety in the video player above.

Check out the official description for "Lookin' for a Fight," episode one:

UFC President Dana White travels around the country with his friends, sampling the best in local food, fun and fights as he scouts up-and-coming MMA talent. In the first episode, the boys dine on cheese steaks, canolis and salt water taffy. In Atlantic City, Dana is impressed with a local fight card and in Philadelphia, a fighter surprises him with an unexpected challenge.

To watch the pilot episode, which includes uncovering the aforementioned Northcutt, click here.

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