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Pic: Dana White just took off his shirt ... and he's huge!

Slow Sexy news day!

As far as I'm concerned, jumping into icy water is like walking on hot coals.

It doesn't do much to improve your life, but it's a great story for the weekend when you get drunk with your buddies. And hey, you never know who has the buffest bod until you and everyone in your party is forced to disrobe. Such was the case with UFC President Dana White, who joined the polar bear club with comedic cronies Matt Serra and Nick "The Tooth."

The trio can be seen out and about as part of the promotion's new reality show "Lookin' for a Fight," which airs exclusively on the UFC Fight Pass digital network (preview). Our friends at, for reasons not yet explained, paused the show long enough to screen cap White in nothing but his board shorts.

And he's huge!

Okay, maybe to all the meatheads in our audience he looks soft, but keep in mind that White is 46 and it's hard to stay fit at that age, especially when you travel as often as he does. Perhaps this new revelation will keep those fat dummies in check?

Let's hope not.

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