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Video: Jacked-up Jon Jones now has crazy power, but appears to punch slower during recent mitt hit

Those long and painful days inside the weight room have returned dividends for ex-Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones, who now punches the pads with the kind of power we're not used to seeing from the athlete they once called "Bones."

But those legs don't look that skinny to me (probably as a result of this).

That said, I can't help but wonder if his newfound bulk didn't come at the expense of his lightning-fast reflexes. Remember, I'm an expert on striking because I watched Jones spar for 10 seconds on YouTube, so don't waste my time with any of that "armchair analyst" crap.

Though I will say I'm not the only one who may be thinking this way.

Jones is expected to return to the Octagon in late spring against heated rival (and current division champion) Daniel Cormier. When and where remain to be seen, but I'll be tuning in to witness how Jones 2.0 performs en route to his final destination.

Be afraid.

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