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Tito Ortiz supports Donald Trump's Muslim exclusion plan, says Mexicans will get in anyway

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, I wasn't surprised when a rich white millionaire said he backs Donald Trump. But a Mexican-American?

Bellator MMA fighter Tito Ortiz told Nick Wright and John Lopez on Friday (Jan. 29, 2016) on In The Loop on SportsRadio 610 that he is going to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"For a person to become a billionaire, to be flat broke bankrupt," Ortiz said, "to rebuild himself to be a billionaire and now to become almost the President of the United States, it's amazing. He's a hard worker. He can make America great again. That's my vote for him"

Ok sure, but what about Trump's comments about Muslims and Mexicans? According to Ortiz, it's not an issue.

"I'm a Trump guy. I wasn't in the beginning, of course, I'm Mexican when he said we need to take all the Mexicans out of the United States, well good luck on that one. They'll find a way to get back here anyways. But in the long run, I think he wants to bring money back to our country and with the debt that we are, I think he has an opportunity to do that."

Ortiz added that it's not the Mexicans America needs to worry about, but the Muslim radicals trying to make Americans "afraid to walk around and look over our shoulders" because some guy has "a bomb in his pocket or something stupid."

Well, I'm not sure what effect an endorsement from Ortiz will have on Trump's campaign but it can't hurt in locking up the stupidity demographic.

In national polling, Trump continues to lead the field of Republican candidates making him the most likely person to represent the GOP against the Democrats in the 2016 Presidential Election.

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