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Dana White on the Conor McGregor money train: 'He's a grown man and can spend it how he wants'

Conor McGregor is a true money-making machine. He's proven it time and time again and his bosses at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) appreciate him padding the bottom line.

But as quickly as the bills roll in -- and they're coming in fast -- they can also dissipate at the same rate.

The "Notorious" featherweight champion made good on every promise he's made thus far in his extravagant and record-setting UFC career. He's even proclaimed that he will soon become a three-division champion by year's end.

While that outlandish proclamation remains to be seen, there are two all but guaranteed occurrences McGregor will surely see in his lifetime: Death and taxes.

McGregor's fashion and automotive selection capture attention just as much as his soundbites do and UFC President Dana White was recently asked by TMZ Sports for his thoughts on the Irishman's spending habits.

"Conor is a grown man with plenty of money. He can spend his money however he wants. The fun part of making money is spending money and Conor's having fun," White said.

While White my refrain from instructing the rambunctious 27-year-old on how to intelligently spend, it's not like he hasn't shown that he cares about the well-being of his fighters before. From private locker room bonuses, to help during Christmas time, White has reached into his wallet when it comes down to taking care of fighters.

Hey, when it comes down to it, I know one particular name and rival gunning for a job as an accountant for McGregor.

McGregor is expected to rake in the dough when he collides with lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at the UFC 196 pay-per-view (PPV) event on March 5, 2016. With his gift of gab, and penchant for bone-crushing blows, anything is possible at this point in his immensely profitable UFC career.

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