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Bellator 148 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 148: "Daley vs. Uhrich" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Jan. 29, 2016) from inside Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif., featuring a Welterweight main event between the explosive "Semtex" Paul Daley going to war against "Stunner" Andy Uhrich.

Daley returns to the States for the first time since the "Dynamite 1" event in Sept. 2015, where he defeated local favorite Fernando Gonzalez in a kickboxing match. Uhrich comes in on a three-fight win streak, beating Bellator veteran Bobby Cooper last March, but not having fought for the promotion since Bellator 120.

Other key match ups scheduled for Spike TV's main card tonight include a Welterweight rematch between Chris Honeycutt and Paul Bradley, a Lightweight scrap between Ryan Couture and Patrick Freire, and a Heavyweight match for Raphael Butler and Tony Johnson.

Bellator 148 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 148) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

Paul Daley vs. Andy Uhrich - Daley by KO 2:00 R1.
Chris Honeycutt vs. Paul Bradley - Bradley via TKO 0:40 R1.
Ryan Couture vs. Patricky Freire - Freire via KO 3:00 R1.
Raphael Butler vs. Tony Johnson - Johnson via TKO 4:24 R3.
lima Macfarlane vs. Amber Tackett - Macfarlane by sub (verbal) 2:09 R1.
Javy Ayala vs. Carl Seumanutafa - Seumanutafa by TKO 3:46 R2.
Art Arcienega vs. Justin Smitley - Smitley UD 30-27 X3.
Paul Ruiz vs. Josh San Diego - unaired before Spike.
Matt Perez vs. Eugene Cancino - unaired before Spike.
Nick Bustamante vs. Te'Jovan Edwards - unaired before Spike.
Jermaine McDermott vs. Eric Huggins - unaired before Spike.


Paul Daley vs. Andy Uhrich

Uhrich enters in blue trunks to the strains of Rick Derringer's "Real American." Daley has black trunks on, rapping along to his own entrance song, adorned in Fightlab gear. Their respective records are 11-5 and 37-13-2. Uhrich fights out of Bartlett, Tennessee and Daley fights out of Nottingham, England. Our referee is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Both men cautiously approach the center and paw at each other with their hands. Uhrich lands the first leg kick. Daley holds his right hand in front of his chin and feels his way in with the left. An early tie up attempt is blocked at 49 seconds by Uhrich, then he goes for a takedown which is blocked too. Daley goes for the clinch again and appears to land a knee as Uhrich drops for a single he can't get. They break at 1:38. Daley drops Uhrich with a right hand and it's over at two minutes flat. He and Koscheck immediately start jawing at each other.

Final result: Paul Daley wins by knockout at 2:00 of round one.


Chris Honeycutt vs. Paul Bradley

The Tama, Iowa veteran Bradley now fights out of San Diego, CA and comes in wearing black and gold trunks, 22-6 (2 NC) so far in his career. Fresno, California fighter Honeycutt comes in wearing brown trunks, 6-0 (1 NC) so far in his career. Our referee is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Bradley starts out trying to control the center as Honeycutt dances back and forth, but he gets rocked by two hard shots -- first a clubbing right hand behind the ear then a another right that made Bradley lose his balance -- and Mike Beltran waves it off at 40 seconds as Honeycutt is flattened out. Honeycutt protests but he's still wobbled. Bradley screams "F--- YEAH" so many times that Bellator finally has to start bleeping him out as the crowd rains down boos.

Final result: Paul 'The Gentleman' Bradley by TKO at 0:40 of round one.


Ryan Couture vs. Patricky Freire

Couture is 10-3  out of Las Vegas and Pitbull is 14-7 out of Natal, Brazil coming into this fight. Couture is in the solid black trunks and Pitbull is in the black/white trunks. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Couture pushes Pitbull toward the fence and puts a left on his chin. Pitbull lands a nice uppercut at 1:11. Couture knocks him down at 1:23 and Pitbull sprints away when he gets back to his feet. Pitbull lands a hard right at 1:54. Pitbull staggers Couture with a shot at 2:11. Couture clinches up and eats an elbow over the top, and blood is pouring from his nose. Couture is knocked out cold by a left hand over the top at the three minute mark, he gets no follow up shot at all as McCarthy immediately steps in, and Freire climbs the cage afterward to celebrate.

Final result: Patricky 'Pitbull' Freire via knockout at three minutes of round one.


Raphael Butler vs. Tony Johnson

Butler comes in at 9-1-1 with both a two inch height and three inch reach advantage in the red/white/blue trunks. Johnson comes in at 9-2 in the black trunks. Our referee for this opening TV fight is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Butler sprints to the center and jabs to the body. Johnson throws a leg kick and eats a right to the face. Butler pushes him into the fence and Johnson goes for a single leg, taking Butler to the ground at 37 seconds. He's back up eight seconds later but Johnson goes for a double leg right away. He lets it go and they grapple as Beltran warns them to watch the fingers. Johnson lays into him and sneaks off lefts to the head and knees to the legs. Beltran wants more work at 1:40. Johnson hits a right knee to the cup at 1:51 and Butler goes down in a heap as Beltran calls time. Beltran announces it was accidental and the fight resumes with Johnson getting a takedown at 2:01 but he can't keep Butler down. Butler goes for a throw but he can't stay on top. Another Beltran warning for the fingers as Johnson leans on Butler against the fence. Butler tries to turn away and swing and both men reset at the 3 minute mark. Johnson drops levels for a single then switches to the back. One hook in at 3:34. Butler spins on top at 3:47. He postures up and lands one hard right. Beltran is obsessed with fingers to the eyes. He calls for action with under a minute left. The first round was Johnson's for all but the last 75 seconds so he gets the 10-9.

Round 2: Johnson pushes Butler to the fence 13 seconds into R2. Butler slips free at 46 seconds. Johnson goes for a single leg and misses, then pushes Butler to the fence again at 1:05. Butler turns him around, getting off some left hands and knees as they push each other across the cage. Johnson goes for a body lock and then gets warned not to grab the fence as he pushes Butler into it again. Beltran wants more work at 2:16. Butler is free at 2:37. Johnson gets a takedown at 2:53 by going under as Butler is trying to land a big shot. He grinds away to the body from full guard as Beltran looks on. Butler tries and fails to buck him off. Johnson spins to the back hammering away with hands, warned not to hit the back of the head. Butler gets back up with 31 seconds to go. Johnson is up 20-18 but Butler is still in it.

Round 3: Johnson with a takedown 10 seconds into this round. He inches his way to taking Butler's back and has it at 1:12 with a hook in. Butler tries to stand up and Johnson pulls him back down into side control, laying heavy hands on him. He takes the back and Butler starts to get up again, then is put on his side at 2:00. Butler stands up again at 2:20. Johnson is in on Butler tight. Beltran restarts them at 3:01 due to a lack of activity and Johnson takes him right back down. If this feels like the fight Johnson had with Volkov you have a good memory. Butler is warned to fight back at 3:40. He gets on his knees but Johnson keeps throwing down big rights. Beltran waves it off with under 40 seconds to go and this fight is over.

Final result: Tony Johnson via technical knockout at 4:24 of the third round.


Ilima Macfarlane vs. Amber Tackett

Round 1: Green camou trunks, 1-1, Visalia, CA for Tackett. Gray trunks, 2-0, San Diego, CA for Macfarlane. Our referee in charge is 'Big' John McCarthy. Macfarlane gets a takedown immediately. Tackett's overwhelmed and ends up in an armbar trying to get an escape. She's trying to step over to get free but Macfarlane has a hand on her leg and is punching and elbowing away. Tackett keeps trying to walk over it to get free to no avail. Macfarlane finally gets Tackett to tap out verbally at 2:09.

Final result: Ilima Macfarlane by submission (verbal) at 2:09 of the first round.


Javy Ayala vs. Carl Seumanutafa

Round 1: Seumanutafa is 9-6 and fights out of San Francisco in the black trunks. Ayala is 8-4 and fights out of Porterville also in black trunks. Our referee is Mike Beltran. Ayala goes for a single leg right from the opening bell but the big bearded Samoan is able to hold him off. Ayala resorts to grinding against the fence and pounding away on the ribs as Beltran calls for work at the minute mark. Ayala drops down for a single leg again and trips Seumanutafa down at 1:33. He works to secure a back mount as Seumanutafa tries to stand back up, trying to soften him up with rights, and suplexing him when he tries to escape. Seumanutafa is warned to fight back as more rights hammer away. He stands back up at the three minute mark after multiple warnings from Beltran, then locks up an arm as Ayala pounds away at the ribs with his left. Beltran warns them to work at 3:48. Ayala has both hooks in on a back mount 10 seconds later and is pounding away again. Ayala grabs an armbar as Seumanutafa tries to get out the back door. He escapes being finished but it's a good round for Ayala despite taking a few hard shots at the end of R1.

Round 2: Ayala rocks his opponent with a flying right knee 7-8 seconds into R2 and quickly jumps to the back when Seumanutafa falls down. Seumanutafa goes for an armbar again and Beltran calls for work at 1:01. Ayala escapes the attempt but Seumanutafa gets back to his feet and tries to cinch up a headlock, pounding away with right hands. Beltran calls for work at 1:42 and Seumanutafa nearly knees a grounded Ayala in the head. Ayala is complaining about something - either grabbing the shorts or fingers in the cage. Seumanutafa trips Ayala to the ground and jumps to full mount at 2:25. Seumanutafa blasts Ayala with a big left elbow and a smacking right elbow that opened up a nasty cut. Seumanutafa is trying to posture up to land a finishing blow, but jumps back to full mount instead. Ayala's blood is painting the canvas and Beltran warns him it's going to be stopped. He stops it with 75 seconds or less left in R2.

Final result: Carl Seumanutafa by TKO (strikes) at 3:46 of the second round.


Art Arcienega vs. Justin Smitley

Round 1: Smitley is 9-7 and fights out of Oakdale, California in the black trunks. Arcienega is 14-5 out of Fresno, California in the red trunks. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran. Arcienega is coming forward aggressively immediately. Smitley is fighting back with leg kicks but eating some hard overhand rights. He's having to circle back and forth against the fence as Arcienega continues to push forward. His push kicks and spin kicks force Arcienega to periodically back off and reset. Arcienega keeps fainting a lot trying to bait Smitley into opening up positions to strike. Smitley is countering well and not being overwhelmed so far but Arcienega is going to look like fighter with more cage control to some judges. It's a weird round to score but you can definitely argue Smitley landed more strikes overall.

Round 2: R2 starts the same way as R1 - Arcienega coming forward and Smitley circling on the outside. Smitley's corner is yelling "He's not landing anything" to pump him up, but that doesn't stop Arcienega from bringing the pressure. Smitley is throwing counter strikes but both his corner and the commentators want combos. Arcienega is the one throwing combos and more are landing. He gets nailed with a right hand at 2:23. Smitley goes back to the leg kicks to try and slow Arcienega down. They trade leg kicks at 90 seconds left. Beltran warns the fighters to watch fingers to the eye. Smitley is taunting Arcienega now, telling him he has no power because he's too fast. Arcienega was arguably more effective in this round but it's still going to be interesting if it goes to the judges.

Round 3: Once again Arcienega comes forward and Smitley backs up throwing kicks. Beltran with a warning for fingers at 21 seconds. Smitley can be heard loudly laughing at Arcienega as we pass the one minute mark. Smitley gets tagged with some good shots at 1:30. Smitley tries a spinning backfist a minute later. Arcienega is missing the mark with increasing frequency but there's plenty of time left for either man to land a big shot. Smitley starts laughing again at 3:30. Smitley lands the counter rights when he makes Arcienega miss and they may be the difference in this fight. Three officials will now decide the score.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 X3 for Justin Smitley.


Paul Ruiz vs. Josh San Diego

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.


Matt Perez vs. Eugene Cancino

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.


Nick Bustamante vs. Te'Jovan Edwards

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.


Jermaine McDermott vs. Eric Huggins

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.


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