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Chad Mendes has a message for BJ Penn ahead of UFC return: 'No, just ... no'

Can BJ Penn get any love?

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) two-division champion recently announced his plans to make a mixed martial arts (MMA) return, this time under the tutelage of Greg Jackson, for one last run at UFC gold. Said run is expected to take place in the featherweight division.

Somewhere in Sacramento, Calif., Chad Mendes is face-palming.

"Money" was a recent guest on "You're Welcome!" with host Chael Sonnen (transcribed by MMA Junkie) and was not a fan of "The Prodigy's" decision to un-retire. Probably because the last time we saw Penn, he was getting turned inside out by Frankie Edgar.

Said the former featherweight No. 1 contender:

"No, B.J. Just no. I think for a lot of people that have been the man for as long as he has - and I'm not saying this like I know him, and this is all speculation - but I think it's hard for a lot of these people to let go. Some time passes, and it's not like he's being forgot, but he probably doesn't get quite the attention he does when he's in the octagon. I can't imagine there are any financial issues, but you never know. But (expletive), he had a run. He did great. He's a legend in the sport. There's got to be a time. More than anything I just don't want to see the guy get hurt. He's getting older, and this is a brutal sport - not just in the fights, but through training camps. I feel like we get more damage done in training camps than most of the time when you step in the Octagon. If it's that time, it's that time."

Penn (16-10-2) turned 37 just last month.

The Hawaiian insists his return fight has already been booked, but offered no further details and would not confirm if it was, in fact, against featherweight poet Nik Lentz. "The Carny" has beef with Penn over some bad diet advice dating back to 2014.

For more on that drama click here.

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