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Semtex Daley: Go on Twitter and tell Wanderlei Silva I'll knock him out in one round

"Wanderlei Silva is my dream fight, definitely. Go and get the 'Axe Murderer' inside the cage and whoop his ass. I'm pretty sure I would knock him out within a round. If you're a Wanderlei fan and you're on his Twitter or whatever, go tell him that."

One of the deadliest punchers to ever play the game, current Bellator welterweight attraction Paul Daley, is aware that former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight smashing machine Wanderlei Silva is now a free agent. In fact, "Semtex" -- who collides with Andy Uhrich at the Bellator 148 event this Saturday night (Jan. 29, 2016) in Fresno, California -- is still hoping to score his "dream fight" against the aging "Axe Murderer." While Silva must first work out his issues with Nevada State Athletic Comission (NSAC), as well as hear competing offers from this promotion, a Bellator debut is not out of the question. But would matchmakers risk a Spike TV fight against Daley?

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