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Nik Lentz roasts 'selfish' BJ Penn in lengthy poem, calls former UFC champion 'an embarrassment to his family'

Mark Nolan/Getty Images

B.J. Penn is back on the comeback trail with the help of mixed martial arts (MMA) mastermind Greg Jackson and he's still angling for a Featherweight fight with pal Nik Lentz.

It's just that "The Carny" won't stoop to the Hawaiian's low levels, nor will he compete at 145 pounds after making a successful return to the Lightweight division in December.

Penn initially caused a stir when he slammed well-known nutrition guru Mike Dolce for the inadequate service he provided him during his most recent weight cut down to the 146-pound limit for a third tussle with Frankie Edgar back in July 2014. Dolce's "boy," Lentz, was promptly thrown into the crossfire by the fiery Hawaiian and he hasn't let Penn off that easy.

In another witty response (via MMA Fighting), the former NCAA Division-I wrestler takes multiple shots at Penn's integrity, skill set, and more. Below are a few different snippets.

"In your warped, irreversibly delusional mental universe, you believe the fans owe you their hard-earned money, that they should be rewarding you for your presence alone; not your effort, or commitment. You feel that the fans should make the effort to earn the money to buy a PPV to watch you fight, and commit time and resources to watching it, and your end of that bargain is to expend as little energy, and expose yourself to as little risk as possible in exchange."

"You believe, and expect them [UFC brass] to convince the people they pay to fight hard, and train, and lay it all on the line against the BEST competition (the "Fighters") and the people who keep the lights on at the office (the "Fans") that you should be allowed to "jump the line" simply because you WANT it. And you've shown in the past your reckless, juvenile propensity for lashing out at the Company when your desires aren't given priority, haven't you, you devious, vindictive, entitled, little prick?"

"Face it. Unless they dream up an episode of Dana's show where he breaks into a Mortuary and steals a 145-lb CORPSE, and then him and his buddies do a kind of Weekend At Bernies cage-walk routine to get the poor dead schlub into the cage, propped up long enough for you to dash (well, in your case, 'amble') over and tune him up, there's nobody at 145 you can beat. There's nobody at 135, or 155 either. There's nobody on the roster you can beat, to put it to you plainly. It's over."

At this stage, Lentz may not need to ever step into an Octagon with "The Prodigy," seeing as how he's clearly the more skilled wordsmith among the pair. This is the kind of public feud that can erase someone's mystique or aura in a heartbeat and I'm not sure if all the explosive rants in the world would make Lentz quiver.

It would appear now that matchmakers have already moved on from a potential Penn vs. Lentz grudge match, instead opting to slot Russian-born-German Dennis Siver in his place, according to Chuck Mindenhall.

It's Penn's move now.

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