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Video: Mike Tyson makes violent Octagon debut in EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2, which is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE on March 17, 2016, is bringing former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson back to video games nearly 30 years after he dominated home consoles with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Let's hope he's been working on his ground game.

Fans who pre-order EA Sports UFC 2 will get instant access to the former pugilist, while Last-Minute Louies won't be able to forge "Iron" until they make it to the Hall of Fame in Career Mode. In order to sweeten the pre-order deal, Tyson -- competing at both heavyweight and light heavyweight -- will punch harder than anyone in the game.

"As a huge fan, I'm honored to be part of EA Sports and explore the world of mixed martial arts," Tyson revealed in today's release. "I follow UFC very closely and it's going to be very cool to see how I would stack up against these amazing MMA athletes."

You may have noticed two versions in the above trailer.

Fans can play as "Iron" Mike Tyson, as well as "Legacy" Mike Tyson. The former will represent the terrifying mauler from the eighties, while the latter will reflect the "illustrious" end of his career. I'll save the ear-biting jokes for all you wiseguys in the comments section below.

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