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Kenny Florian: Dominick Cruz apologized to me for plagiarism dig at UFC Boston

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Where I'm from, there is no bro-on-bro dispute that can't be settled with hot wings and cold beer.

When that fails, a simple "Hey bro, sorry about that" will usually suffice -- it's just not as fun. Either way, UFC on FOX analyst Kenny Florian was able to kiss and make up with UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, after "The Dominator" took a swipe at "KenFlo" during his UFC Fight Night 81 victory lap.

From his official podcast (via MMA Fighting):

"I talked to Dominick and he apologized to me. He said his emotions were running high and I get it. When I was fighting, you get emotional and you almost take it personally. Dominick is such a competitive dude that he took it personal. I picked T.J. and the only reason I picked T.J. was, yes, not only is he a great fighter, but Dominick hadn't competed in so long. With all the injuries, that's why I went with Dillashaw. It was nothing personal and that's why I hate working with some of these guys because you do become very friendly. Picking fights is probably my least favorite thing to do. You don't want to offend anyone and I'm sure Dominick was probably offended by that but listen, the best revenge is getting the win and that's exactly what he did."

During his post-fight interview, Cruz told Florian to "stop copying and pasting."

It was a savage blow, considering Florian was recently suspended by the FOX network over allegations of plagiarism. "KenFlo" presented his side of the story after the Internet took him to task, but there's no telling if and when the former UFC fighter will make his way back to the sports desk.

Any fight fans out there willing to forgive and forget?

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