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Ludwig: Urijah Faber barely beat a journeyman his last fight and doesn't deserve a UFC title shot

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Duane Ludwig is pissed.

The former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, who was instrumental in the rise of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, took judge Tony Weeks to the woodshed over his "bad call" at UFC Fight Night 81, one that gave Dominick Cruz the 135-pound title (video).

But there's no point in crying over spilled milk.

While the fight was close enough to book "Cruz vs. Dillashaw 2," the promotion may want to capitalize on unfinished business between Cruz and Urijah Faber, as "The California Kid" is the last fighter to hand "The Dominator" a loss inside the cage.

That said, Ludwig welcomes a Dillashaw vs. Faber grudge match if Cruz is sidelined with injury, according to his conversation with MMA Junkie.

"If they want to put us with Faber? I'm OK with that fight. I know Faber's looking for a payday, so let's go sock up Faber, stay busy, and when Cruz gets healthy, let's do it again. That's fair and just. (Faber) barely beat a tough journeyman in his last fight (against Frankie Saenz). He doesn't deserve to fight a top-five guy. There's a great emotional drama to get that shot, (though), so let's give it to him. Go kick him in the face, put it behind us, and get the rematch with Cruz. But if Cruz is healthy to get back to it during the summer, let's do that. It depends on Cruz's health issue."

Cruz was expected to settle his feud with Faber in July 2011, but was forced to withdraw after his knee imploded.

Fortunately for Faber, he's been able to manufacture drama with Dillashaw, as well as Cruz, which leaves him in a position to fight either opponent in a high-stakes, high-profile match up. "The California Kid" can get revenge on the "snake," or win the rubber match with "The Dominator."

Or lose one or both fights and exit stage left with his tail between his legs.

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