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Ronda Rousey: I'm coming back in 2016 and I want my Holly Holm rematch

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Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

What, you thought Ronda Rousey was retiring to make movies?

Pfffft ... c'mon, son.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion is not returning to mixed martial arts (MMA) at UFC 200 due to her prior commitments outside the Octagon, but "Rowdy" has every intention of bouncing back in 2016.

And there is only one fight that interests her.

"Some time later in the year," Rousey told TMZ. "They haven't told me an exact date or location or anything yet. It's a decision we're all gonna make together, but I'm kind of waiting to hear from them what options they're gonna give me. I haven't gotten my options yet. [Holly Holm rematch] is what I want to do."

It will be interesting to see if her tune changes in March.

While Rousey is hell-bent on avenging her loss to Holm, after "The Preacher's Daughter" stiffened her back in November, the title will be defended against Miesha Tate at UFC 197. That could put "Rowdy" in a position to get her belt back without having to face the former boxer. Assuming, of course, "Cupcake" is able to ice Holm.

Crazier things have happened.