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New pic of Matt Mitrione's eye reveals broken orbital, 'Meathead' suggests eye pokes to blame

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Matt Mitrione was stopped by Travis Browne at the UFC Fight Night 81 mixed martial arts (MMA) event last Sunday night on FOX Sports 1, after "Meathead" was pounded out in the third and final frame.

It's no laughing matter!

Besides, Mitrione is no Fung Sheng Wu Chi, so you can't assume he'll win fights without the benefit of sight. That's the kind of debilitating handicap you can expect inside the Octagon when one fighter starts playing billiards with his opponent's eyeballs.

Exhibit A.

"It's one of those things where in the cage, I was apologizing up and down to Matt because that's not my game," Browne said at the post-fight press conference (via MMA Junkie). "I'm not a dirty fighter, and even in the fight, I'm like, ‘Matt, I'm really sorry. I promise you I'm not trying to do that (on purpose).'"

Browne insists his fight-ending punches (not fingers) caused the massive swelling.

Mitrione, who was examined immediately after his fight inside TD Garden in Boston, Mass., also injured his shoulder during a "Hapa" takedown (recap). No telling how long the former Ultimate Fighter will be sidelined, or if he even comes back at all, as this was the final fight on his ZUFFA contract.

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