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Dana White blasts MMA journalist after claims of a rift between he and Conor McGregor

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White has a love/hate relationship with the mixed martial arts (MMA) media.

Sure, he needs reporters, journalist, bloggers to cover and write all things UFC, but, he isn't afraid to call anyone out when he sees fit. Case in point, the outspoken head honcho recently took to Twitter to call out Bleacher Report's Jeremy Botter for saying he and Conor McGregor are currently at odds.

So what has White enraged?

According to Botter's statements on Off The Ball, he seems to think there is a rift between White and "Notorious." Furthermore, Conor doesn't plan on staying with the promotion for very long, as plans to start his own promotion are in the works.

His words via Pundit MMA:

His time in the UFC is limited. I'm not saying he will leave this year or next year, but I do believe he has a set amount of fights left that he wants to do with the UFC. At that point, I think he wants to go out on his own."

He continues:

"I believe that things between Conor and Lorenzo Fertitta are okay but, from what I understand, Dana White has been frozen out of the process entirely and I don't know why."

According to Botter, McGregor has already trademarked "McGregor Sports and Entertainment," which seems to be the first step toward his goals. Furthermore, as Jeremy alluded to, Conor has often said he wants to be partners with UFC eventually.

Something he doesn't mean as a joke.

While White is adamant everything is fine between he and one of the biggest stars on his roster, anyone expect Conor to make good on his alleged plans?

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