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Wanderlei Silva hearing postponed by NSAC (seriously) and his lawyer is pissed

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After a series of postponements, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender and longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) icon Wanderlei Silva -- in hot water for skipping out on a pre-fight drug test -- was expected to FINALLY have his day in court front of Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Pffft ... as if.

A Nevada district court granted Silva a do-over after his initial disciplinary meeting back in May 2015 resulted in a lifetime ban from combat sports. According to judge Kerry Earley, NSAC overstepped its bounds with said penalty, pointing to a lack of "substantial evidence" on the part of the regulatory body.

But today's (Tues., Jan. 12, 2015) second go-round with NSAC would bear no fruit, as chairman Anthony Marnell and executive director Bob Bennett delayed the hearing until February, citing "changes" in the commission -- whatever that means.

Silva's attorney, Ross Goodman, was visibly upset and accused NSAC of violating the Brazilian's due process by continually delaying the proceedings. He also vowed "The Axe Murderer" would never again attend a disciplinary hearing in person (lol).

See you next month, I guess.

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