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Despite recent beef, Urijah Faber picks T.J. Dillashaw to KO Dominick Cruz in Boston

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Urijah Faber isn't exactly on the best of terms with former friend and training partner, T.J. Dillashaw.

Still, "The California Kid" revealed on a recent appearance on The MMA Hour that he is picking his former protege to take out Dominick Cruz at next weekend's (Sun. Jan. 17, 2016) UFC Fight Night 81 event in Boston, Massachusetts.

Of course, the fact that Faber and Cruz share one of the most tense rivalries in all of mixed martial arts (MMA) spanning nearly a decade could have swayed his pick just a little.

"It's going to be an interesting matchup. I don't want to give away my insight on either guy, but I think a couple of things cans happen. I don't think it's going to be a one-sided affair in any way shape or form. I haven't seen T.J over the last few months, but over the last six years or so, I feel like I know enough about him that I think he is going to win. I know that Cruz can be elusive. He may be one of the best defensive fighters out there and T.J., one of the more offensive. So it will be interesting"

So how does "The California Kid" expect it to all go down? By devastating knockout, of course.

"I think (Cruz) will be pretty elusive. I think T.J. will find a way to connect with him. Dominick will be quick to talk about how he has a win over me, but, it was apparent to me that he isn't that hard to hit. I've hit hi ma number of time and I've hit him clean on the chin. I've put him on his butt, my fist, to his chin, to his butt on three occasions. I think T.J, will do the same and finish him. I think he will probably knock him out."

Faber and Dillashaw's friendship took a sour turn after "Viper" decided to leave Team Alpha Male behind to set up shop with Elevation Fight Team in Colorado in order to be closer to his striking coach, Duane Ludwig.

As for Cruz, his upcoming title fight will be a chance to reclaim the Bantamweight title he never lost inside the cage, but was taken from him after multiple injuries left UFC officials no other choice but to strip him of the title.

What say you, Maniacs, any of you agree with Faber's prediction?