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'Deflated' Frankie Edgar 'f--king doubts' he will receive UFC title shot against Conor McGregor

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"The Answer" has been left with no answers following McGregor's move up to the lightweight division.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

No. 1-ranked UFC Featherweight contender Frankie Edgar has seen his heart ripped out multiple times and thrown in a blender. That's what happens when you scorch some of the 145-pound division's top names and are passed over for a title shot.

"The Answer," who has won five-straight Octagon tilts over the likes of Chad Mendes (video) and Urijah Faber, is sick of toting the line for a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that isn't keen on handing over something that he deserves.

Edgar has received support from fellow fighters, and is now considering taking a fight in the interim, while champion Conor McGregor challenges for the lightweight belt in March at UFC 197.

At this point, Edgar believes he won't ever meet "Notorious" inside the Octagon, so he tells MMA Fighting:

"I was deflated man. I just fought one of the best fights of my life [and I'm thinking] I shouldn't be feeling like this. I should be going home riding high right now, and I just wasn't. I don't think it matters with Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta]. Really, I don't think I'm the best fight that they want...I don't think they want it either. So I've got all three of them against me. I mean, all fights are hard. But, yeah, I think I'm the worst match-up for McGregor. I think he knows it, I think you know it, I think the UFC knows it. I just need that chance to get my hands on him. That's what I want. Am I going to get it? I f*cking doubt it."

The 34-year-old New Jersey native missed out on opportunities at gold, first when ex-champion Jose Aldo bowed out of an exchange with McGregor at UFC 189, and last month after the latter upended "Junior" in 13 seconds, which lead to a lightweight move.

Despite reassurances from the Irishman's coach and UFC President Dana White, Edgar remains pessimistic about his chances of facing McGregor in the future. Waiting would be risky for the powerhouse wrestler approaching his mid-thirties, as he also has a family to feed.

However, if he chooses to compete once more before a second crack at featherweight gold, it's like he'll be playing Russian roulette with his UFC career. Even if Edgar wins once again, there are no guarantees.

That's just how the pendulum swings sometimes.