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New iPhone for Dana White following UFC investigation

Yes, really.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In an age when smartphones have taken over people's lives, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White stayed true to the old-school flip phones.

In fact, the brash head honcho went as far as to say he cares for his beloved flip phone like his own baby, one that he dares not drop.

That's all in the past, however, as White decided to join the rest of the world by upgrading to an iPhone. But it wasn't his choice, as Joe Rogan recently revealed (via Bloody Elbow), but the class-action lawsuit by ex-employees for allegedly violating antitrust laws left him no other alternative.

"Dana White came up to me Saturday night after the fights, pulls over his iPhone and said 'watch this.' He has an iPhone now. They make him use the iPhone because he's under some investigation, so they have to be able to track all of his shit because they're getting sued. There's a bunch of shit going on."

Alrighty then.

On the bright side, White can now get an advanced technological experience with his new up-to-date phone. The only draw back is, he'll have to tread lightly and be weary of the types of texts and voicemail he leaves to all those "butthurt washouts."

And apparently, the legal battle will only get uglier as it drags on.

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