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TJ Dillashaw: I'll finish Dominick Cruz faster than I did Renan Barao

And he'll do it by using his own fighting style, not one he allegedly copied from "The Dominator."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks back, Dominick Cruz unleashed verbal fire against current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw by labeling him a "wannabe that doesn't know what it's like to face a real champion."

See his outburst here.

If that wasn't enough, "The Dominator" also accused "Viper" of stealing his fighting style and claimed that Dillashaw would never be in the position he is today if it weren't for his own injuries. Laughable comments, according to TJ, who appeared on The MMA Hour to respond to Cruz's allegations.

His words:

"It's so ridiculous. He thinks he's the first fighter to ever create movement? He's the first fighter to ever throw a jab or a feint? It's pretty ridiculous to me when you think about it. Just because I move my feet and switch stances, that's Dominick Cruz? For one, he will switch his stance to run away and throw one shot. I've never even seen him throw a combo or looked that great from opposite stance. I think I'm leaps and bounds ahead of him on my stand up and I am going to prove that when we fight and he's going to get knocked out. I wouldn't say that I didn't take anything but I have definitely watched him fight. I've watched every single fighter that's been in the UFC for the most part that was worth watching, technique wise. So you take something from everyone, you know? But, to say that I took his style is a little ridiculous. My way of fighting is a lot more aggressive and a lot more dynamic. I'm actually fighting out of my southpaw stance instead of taking pop shots and running way. When I trained with Urijah to fight Dominick, I had to pretend to be him. I can't say that I didn't pick up some movements, not the exact same techniques, but I learned how to move my own feet my own way by trying to be (imitate) him to train with Urijah. But for him to say that he is the one that invented that and I should thank him, it's crazy and ridiculous. Go back and watch the fight and see if I throw anything like him with my mouth open and running away."

So how does Dillashaw think a potential title fight between them goes down? It ends with Cruz falling faster than Renan Barao.

"I think I'll actually finish Cruz faster than I did Barao. Cruz does have a crazy style to pick up on, but I think I am going to finish him quicker than I did Barao."

To see his most recent win over the Brazilian click here.

Of course, a bout between Dillshaw and Cruz isn't set in stone at the moment, though it does seem like the fight to make. But it won't go down until Cruz heals up from his latest setback.

Who wins?

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