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Pic: White House petition filed against UFC strawweight Paige VanZant


Earlier this year, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight contender Paige VanZant promised her Twitter followers she would shave her head to support cancer research.

It seems that idea went over like a lead balloon -- especially when you consider what her look means to sponsors (like this one) -- and the clippers were abandoned in favor of a "12 Gauge" donation.

Well, that decision didn't sit too well with one mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, who took his case straight to the White House.

"We cannot allow her to recant like this, we must force her to shave her head and give the community what she promised she would give," the complaint reads. "It not only makes women look bad, but it also makes the UFC, Dana White and ZUFFA look bad."

Now, President Obama must decide if VanZant, fresh off a submission win over Alex Chambers at UFC 191 (video), is to shave her head or date this wacko.

Just as soon as he's finished responding to petitions to drink his own urine.

Your tax dollars at work!

Thanks to Terez Owens for the tip.

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