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Vitor Belfort: Conor McGregor isn't a real athlete like Jose Aldo, sets poor example for kids

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Interim 145-pound titleholder Conor McGregor hijacked the "Go Big" press conference last Friday (watch it here), shouting down his fellow competitors and making a mockery of the entire proceedings. Then again, there were plenty of mixed martial arts (MMA) fans who found his shtick hilarious and can't wait for more.

Safe to say UFC Fight Night 77 headliner Vitor Belfort wasn't one of them.

"The Phenom," who shared the "Notorious" stage to promote his upcoming rubber match with Dan Henderson, thinks McGregor's dog-and-pony show last week in "Sin City" reflects poorly on combat sports, especially when you compare him to a "real" athlete like Jose Aldo.

From the Brazilian's official Instagram page (via MMA Fighting):

This is a legend fight Belfort vs. Henderson 3. We don't need trash talk to sell tickets. I am wondering if one day MMA will be seen more like a sport and less than entertainment? It seems that we are going to the wrong way. A good example is Aldo (real athlete) and Mc Gregor (trash talker). To become an Olympic sport we have to apply the Olympic values not only the Olympic rules. Where is the RESPECT?!? I don't want to see our kids thinking that to become a successful MMA athlete you have to talk crap instead of respecting others. Real martial arts is not about this!!! We need a good example starting from the organizations, fighters and extending to the media and fans. It is a free consulting!!! I have a voice!!!!

Belfort isn't the only one with a voice (though this one sings a much different tune).

We'll soon find out who the real athlete is when Aldo and McGregor hook 'em up at the upcoming UFC 194 pay-per-view (PPV) event on Dec. 12, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada (details). To date, the feisty Irishman has been able to back up everything he says once the cage door slams shut.

Will UFC 194 be any different?

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