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Prodigy! Watch child boxing star Evnika Saadvakass' insane speed and blistering mitt work

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Mama said knock you out!

Move over Ronda Rousey, we've found new blood in the form of eight-year-old striking savant Evnika Saadvakass.

Saadvakass, from Kazakhstan, has been at this boxing stuff since she was five and has made remarkable progress. In her most recent video, where she trains with her father Rustam, she can be seen reeling off straight punches and hooks in rapid succession.

Initially touted as a YouTube sensation and a child boxing prodigy, Saadvakass gained fame by throwing upward of 100 punches in one minute. She can also throw 47 punches with one hand in just 30 seconds.

Check that out in the clip below:

All she needs to do now is start wrestling with bear cubs and she might just have a chance in mixed martial arts (MMA) like her Dagestani friend Khabib Nurmagomedov.