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UFC 191 results: Corey Anderson grinds Jan Blachowicz mercilessly, lands a zillion elbows in lopsided mismatch

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Former KSW Light Heavyweight Champion Jan Blachowicz was eager to get back in the win column tonight (Sat., Sept. 5, 2015) at the expense of Corey Anderson on the pay-per-view (PPV) main card of UFC 191, which took place inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 winner, Anderson, had other plans.

Anderson came out swinging as Blachowicz backed up straight and snapped a low kick. Blachowicz connected with a nice kick to the forehead, but it did not appear to faze Anderson whatsoever. Blachowicz went for another one moments later, but Anderson caught it and landed a few shots on the break.

Blachowicz eventually mushed Anderson into the cage and scored a takedown. Anderson was able to get back his feet quick, but Blachowicz snuck in a nice uppercut on the break. Anderson attempted a takedown of his own, and the Polish fighter fought him every step of the way but eventually relented.

In top position, Anderson was unable to mount much offense, giving Blachowicz an opening to roll for an armbar. He had it, but then lost it, as the fight returned upright and the first round concluded.

Blachowicz appeared a bit winded coming out for the second stanza as Anderson bounced around. Blachowicz found a home once again for a great kick, this one to his belly. Anderson fired back when Blachowicz was off balance and bum-rushed him into an eventual takedown.

Anderson began to work some solid ground-and-pound as Blachowicz struggled to control his wrists and posture. Anderson eventually stuffed him up against the bottom of the cage and began to rain down hard elbows and hammer fists. Anderson eventually stood up and blasted Blachowicz with looping punches before diving back into his guard to grind him down methodically ... and viciously.

Blachowicz demonstrated no effort whatsoever to try and get back to his feet as Anderson just continued to smash him until the round ended.

It took Anderson 10 seconds to get Blachowicz back on the ground in the third and final frame. He attempted a kimura from bottom, then and armbar, as Anderson jumped back to his feet to avoid a submission. Blachowicz had a growing hematoma over his left eye as Anderson transitioned to half-guard to dish out more punishment.

Anderson really began to work the elbows and Blachowicz actually moved; however, when Anderson got back to his feet Blachowicz just laid on the mat. Blachowicz rolled to avoid the elbow attack and Anderson easily took his back. Blachowicz got back to his feet for a second, but Anderson landed right back on top of him and uncorked several more elbows until the 205-pound showdown mercilessly ended.

It was not a close fight at all -- Anderson beat the crap out of Blachowicz, who offered next to nothing after the first few minutes of the first round. Anderson, rightfully, earned a lopsided unanimous decision victory -- some judges scored it 30-25 it was so one-sided.

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