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Epic levels of trash talk at #GOBIG as Conor McGregor slams everybody on stage

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So the "Go Big" press conference in Las Vegas today was supposed to announce the insane fall lineup of fight cards for UFC, however it quickly turned into the Conor McGregor Show as the brash-talking Irishman dominated the microphone for most of the time.

McGregor not only called out his rivals at featherweight, he not only slammed the 155-pound division, he offered "you're welcome" to fighters "allowed" to participate on the UFC 194 card on Dec. 12, in Las Vegas.

These are some of the excerpts from the trash-talking tornado that is Conor McGregor:

On moving up to 155 pounds to fight the winner of Rafael dos Anjos vs Donald Cerrone should he defeat Jose Aldo and claim the Featherweight strap:

McGregor vs. dos Anjos

Dos Anjos: Right now my focus is on Cerrone so if he wanna move up here it's gonna be easy money.

McGregor: That wasn't the question but ask yourself truthfully, if Dana rang you and said you don't have to fight Cerrone you can fight McGregor even though Cerrone was still [available] would you take it? You're damn right you'd take it.

Dos Anjos: Of course, man, easy money

McGregor: Because I can make you rich. I'll change your bum life. You fight me it's a celebration. When you sign to fight me it's a celebration. You ring back home, you ring your wife, 'baby we done it, we're rich baby! Conor McGregor made us rich! Break out the red panties. We're rich baby.' So don't say you would not take that fight because you would take that fight like everyone else up here would take the fight against me if it was offered regardless of belts or any of that shit. I'm the money fight in the male shit at all weight divisions. So fuck everybody else up here.

McGregor vs. Cerrone

Cerrone: Conor has no right coming up to '55. No way, he's not going to stand a chance, we're too big for him, we're too strong. So you can take your little English ass and get on.

McGregor: You're too slow and too stiff. You're stiff as a board. I'd snap you in half. And that's it. I see stiffness when I look in that 155 pound division. Slow, stiff, I feel like they're stuck in the mud almost. The featherweights, they hit like flyweights so it's nice down there just to destroy them and killing all that division. But I have my eye on that 155 division and I see them all stuck in the mud in there. So we'll see over time but guess what, have I been wrong yet?

Cerrone: He's real good at talking out in front of the public but when we were all standing in the back there he got nothing to say. So I stood back there for 30 minutes right next to him and nothing to say to me but he was very cordial with my man next to me and of course we get out here and he wants to run his mouth. But it's good, he sells the fights. But if he comes to 155 I'm going to bend his little ass over and knock out his lucky charms.

McGregor: We'll see about that. First you've got to get through a guy that whooped your ass already. So why would I waste my time on a guy... you've got to fight a guy who whooped your ass next so you've got to come through that and then I'll consider. I'll check the numbers, I'll discuss it with Frank, and I'll decide if I should change your bum life as well.

On moving to 155 in general:

McGregor: At the end of 2015 means the end of the featherweight division. They are all dead in the water. It's done. If the Brazilian shows up. I hope he does. Who knows, he's petrified. The so-called pound-for-pound number one but he's quaking in his boots over there. So I hope he shows up but if he shows up December 12 the division will be killed like I predicted and then it's on to the 155 stuck in the mud division.

On a rematch with either Joe Duffy or Dustin Poirier if McGregor goes to 155:

McGregor: 100% If the money's right and if he can climb up. This is a great opportunity for each man to climb back into the lottery ticket. And I wish them well and when they announced the fight I said it's good business because you've got to build up all these other shmucks to make a fight with me so allow them to keep doing that. It's intelligent business and that's why UFC is where it is.

Trash talk with Featherweight Chad Mendes

Mendes: I fought the guy on two weeks notice so let's see if he stays in the featherweight division long enough to fight me.

McGregor: I'll fight you on three weeks notice, too.

Mendes: No you would not. Let's make a bet here. If you fucking have the...

McGregor: How much? With that half a million. You making bets with that half a million I gave you? $48,000 you went from. You went from $48,000 to half a million. Thank me and be grateful.

Mendes: Are you done fucking talking now? Take this fight on two weeks notice with me motherfucker and I'll whoop your ass.

McGregor: Two weeks, three weeks (laughs). I butchered your face. I K.O.ed you, you were curled up like a bitch. You were curled up like a bitch! I butchered your butt you couldn't even lift your hands up. The knockout speaks for itself. And you hit the deck like a bitch. I did want to speak to you because you called yourself the Mike Tyson of the featherweight division and I marched forward, stood in the pocket and said, 'what have you got?' And you hit like a strawweight.

Trash talk with Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo

On seeing Aldo while taping TUF 22:

Aldo: I think he's a clown. He likes to talk a lot and he likes to make people laugh. But that's about it. And I'm really sorry that I couldn't fight him last time and when it comes time to fight him now I'm going to kick his ass.

McGregor: Honestly the first thing I said to him was, 'wow, I didn't think I'd see you again.' So I was actually happy to see him. I shook his hand, I embraced him, I gave him a little cuddle. I told him, 'everything's going to be A-OK. It will be over before you know it. Just please show up December 12. So I don't want to scare him anymore. He's petrified. He went running before so now I'm going to take the opposite approach. Cuddle him, look after him, whisper sweet nothings, tell him it's going to be alright, it will be over quick. And hopefully get him into that Octagon December 12 and then end his career.

Aldo: Chad was kicking his ass. Has he heard about Jiu Jitsu, does he know what wrestling is? Chad took that fight with two weeks notice and [Conor] looked like a turtle.

McGregor: At the end of it he was the turtle. But as far as I'm concerned when you fought Chad he rearranged your face. You haven't looked right since. After that five round Mendes fight, which arguably could have went to him, you look like you've had a stroke. The left side of your face is drooping. I'm worried about you. Honestly, I'm worried. I love you. I love you like my bitch. I just want to make sure you're OK. Get yourself medically tested because your face is drooping to the left.

Whew! That is a lot of trash talk for one lifetime, let alone one man in the span of about an hour. You could tell Dana White was loving every last moment.

What do you think? Who won the war of words today? And who would win if McGregor got a chance to fight any of them inside the Octagon?

Sound off below!

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