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Chuck Liddell: Jon Jones is like Georges St-Pierre, he fights too safe and doesn't try to finish

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Chuck Liddell still isn't a Jon Jones fan.

After claiming he'd knock out the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion in his younger days -- after getting called out by "Bones" -- Chuck insisted he had no personal beef with the embattled pound-for-pound great.

But that doesn't mean he supports Jon's "safe" style of fighting, as he recently explained on GNN with "Snoop Dogg," claiming Jones is looking more and more like another former champion who had a habit of taking the precautionary road to a win.

Georges St-Pierre.

Check out what "The Iceman" had to say (via MMA Fighting):

"He fights too safe. Here's the problem: Fighter's today, a lot of them, like GSP [Georges St-Pierre]... I love GSP. He's a great fighter. He makes some really good guys look stupid, but he doesn't try to finish fights. He likes to go out, beat you, follow the game plan, make sure he wins the fight. I understand that from a manager or coach's standpoint, but from a fan's standpoint? I don't want to watch it. I don't want you to go out and do just enough to win. I don't mind if you win by decision, but I just want you to try to finish him. Go after him. Try to hurt him. I see guys hurt guys real bad and then just sit there and watch them. What are you doing? He's a punch away from going out. From the sidelines I can actually see his eyes. Some of these guys, what they want is to be safe and win the fight. Business wise, there's a lot of money involved now. There's always a chance when you go all-out that you get caught and make a mistake. As a fan, that's what I like to see. I want to see guys get after it."

Playing it safe was never in Chuck's vocabulary.

In all fairness, Jones does have 15 finishes to his credit, including seven straight to start his UFC career. His last three victories, however, have gone the distance, which could be why Liddell has become critical of his style.

Can "Bones" get back to his dominant, finishing ways now that it seems a return to action is inevitable?

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