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UFC anti-doping rep: NSAC bungled Nick Diaz case, ignored due process

Not everyone in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is fighting to #FREENICKDIAZ.

The prevailing argument against the Stockton slugger, has been something along the lines of "don't smoke pot and you won't find yourself in this predicament." A fair argument, no doubt, but what if Diaz didn't actually fail his UFC 183 drug test?

That could complicate things.

So too, could a five-year suspension from Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), when the maximum penalty under new regulations is three, something that not only raised a few eyebrows, but also shat all over due process, according to UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky.

From his conversation with Bloody Elbow:

"It's a difficult topic and area, but it's one you have to get perfect, and all that being said, they didn't get this one perfect. They got this one wrong, in my opinion... I think there was influence based on the two previous positive tests. I didn't hear an explanation for the five year suspension. Their proposed new regulations is three years, which to my understanding hasn't even been formally passed. It could have been potentially his failure to fill out the form and leaving marijuana off his pre fight that was taken into consideration as some kind of aggravating circumstance. I didn't hear an explanation behind that. But I think all that is moot, because looking at those three tests, I don't think that there should have been a positive test to begin with... I have a hard time believing that a court is not gonna rule that he wasn't afforded due process. My hope is that it wouldn't even need to get to that point."

Diaz is expected to appeal later this year.

In the meantime, the former welterweight No. 1 contender is exploring his options outside the NSAC jurisdiction. No telling if the recent White House petition to get him back into the cage will help expedite the process, but at least he's got the support of his fellow fighters.

For much more on his battle against NSAC click here.

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