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Rafael dos Anjos: Cowboy Cerrone chokes in big fights -- and he knows it

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Since losing to Rafael dos Anjos two years ago, Donald Cerrone has looked like a man possessed, winning eight consecutive bouts against top-level opposition in a span of only 21 months.

That was good enough to earn "Cowboy" his first-ever shot at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title which, ironically enough, is now in the possession of the Brazilian.

But when the two men square off for the second time at UFC on FOX 17 on Dec. 19, 2015 in Orlando, Florida, Cerrone is going to choke and lose out on claiming the strap. Because as Rafael declared on The MMA Hour, it's what "Cowboy" does best.

"I think he's still the same guy. He's like a soccer player, a good soccer player that's at the finals and he has a penalty kick and a chance to score, and he kicks it out of the goal. I think he's that kind of fighter, you know? When I have big tests, I always go over it. And it will be no different on December 19th. Of course, I think so (he chokes in big fights). And he knows that."

This time around, however, Cerrone could be sharing some mat time with former 155-pound kingpin Anthony Pettis ahead of his championship fight, as "Showtime" recently offered up his services in order to take down a common foe.

In "RDA's" view, the proposed alliance is nothing more than a strategic move on Anthony's part to get his title back.

"I think he's (Pettis) just confused. He's talking about his goals for 145, he wants to face McGregor, he wants a rematch with me, he is just confused. He does not know what he wants. Also, I think that's the only way he gets his belt back is if he helps Cerrone, because he knows he can beat him and he cannot beat me. That's the only way he can hope to get his title back."


Still, Rafael is the only man who can say he holds wins over both Pettis and Cerrone as he looks to go two-for-two against the streaking "Cowboy." And he's more than confident he can do it, as he's certain Donald will find a way to squander away a big opportunity.


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