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Bellator 143 'Warren vs Davis' results: Live streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 143: "Warren vs. Davis" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Sept. 25, 2015) from inside the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas, featuring a much anticipated Bantamweight fight between the self-proclaimed "Baddest Man on the Planet" Joe Warren and "Fight of the Year" contender L.C. Davis.

In addition, Bellator has assembled an intriguing line up of fights for Spike TV, which will see Joey "The Mexecutioner" Beltran and Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove collide at Middleweight, top ranked Featherweight fighters Emmanuel Sanchez and Henry Corrales, and the Heavyweight promotional debut of Ewerton Teixeira.

Bellator 143 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the undercard "Prelims" undercard action airing on starting at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 143) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

Main Card (Spike TV):

Joe Warren vs. LC Davis: Warren UD 30-27 X3.
Joey Beltran vs. Kendall Grove: Grove via TKO at 2:27 R3.
Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Henry Corrales: Sanchez SD 27-30, 30-27, 29-28.
Ewerton Teixeira vs. Vinicius Queiroz: Querioz via sub (arm triangle) 4:00 R2.

"Prelims" Undercard (

Chase Gormley vs. Dan Charles: Charles via KO 4:35 R2.
Darrion Caldwell vs. Shawn Bunch: Caldwell via sub (RNC) 2:35 R1.
John Teixeira vs. Gleristone Santos: Teixeira SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Jose Flores vs. Guillermo Gonzalez: Flores via TKO 2:22 R1.
Guilherme Farias vs. Jared Chaffee: Farias via sub (guillotine) 0:39 R1.
Bryce Mejia vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan: Alhassan via KO 1:26 R1.
Saul Elizondo vs. Amador Ramirez: Ramirez UD 29-28 X3.
Steve Garcia vs. Eduardo Bustillos: Garcia by TKO 4:59 R1.


Joe Warren vs. LC Davis

Blue Future Legend trunks for Davis coming into tonight's main event, coming into the night 23-6, fighting out of Kansas City, Missouri. Black trunks for Warren, who appears to have finally picked up a few sponsors for this fight, sporting a 12-4 record and fighting out of Denver, Colorado. Our referee for the main event is John McCarthy.

Round 1: A 'let's get it on" gets this bout underway. Warren quickly tries to close range and grab a clinch but Davis breaks free. Warren tries a jump knee and Davis backs away. Warren keeps pressuring and gets around the waist for a takedown at 1:10. Davis has his back to the fence so Warren can't pass without risking letting him back up, but still finds a way to take side control for a few seconds on Davis' left side. Warren briefly gets a side mount for some unchecked rights as we pass the halfway point. He's pulled Davis away from the cage now and has a little more room to work. Davis manages to sit up again at 3:53 but gets a warning for grabbing the cage as Warren drags him back down and takes half guard. The crowd is annoyed but it's a successful first round for Warren.

Round 2: We get a timeout 12 seconds into R2 as Davis takes a finger to the right eye. When the camera gets in close you can see redness in his eye. McCarthy asks him if he wants the doctor and he says no. McCarthy reminds him to keep the fingers closed before the restart and Warren comes forward aggressively, momentarily getting another takedown. Davis spins out of another potential takedown attempt and lands a straight left. Warren shoots in and gets turned around on the fence. Warren is relentless in pursuit though and tries a leg sweep, then drops levels at 2:05. Davis is defending well this round and Warren breaks off the attempt. Davis lands a couple of lefts and pushes Warren into the fence but it backfires as he spins around with a takedown at 2:50. Davis pushes off Warren throws him down again at 3:59. Davis avoids damage by keeping it tight. If it goes the 15 we'll see who the judges thought won it.

Round 3: Warren gets a takedown at 42 seconds and takes the back as Davis stands back up. He drags Davis to the ground again at 1:08 and Davis gets two warnings - one for grabbing the cage and one for the back of the head. Davis gets back to his knees at 1:49 and stands at the two minute mark. Warren takes him down again at 2:17 by stepping under a power shot. Davis tries and fails to peel Warren off on the ground and Hidalgo lets Warren hear it again as he tries to take Davis' back. Davis stands up again at 3:10. Davis tries to throw knees with his back against the fence but Warren has him down again at 3:45. Davis is running out of time and Warren can just outwrestle his way to the decision victory. Warren goes for full mount and doesn't get it but he stands up to try and drop a right with 13 seconds left, risking the upkicks. Davis isn't able to get one off and it looks like Warren will take a decision.

Final result: All three judges score the bout 30-27 for the unanimous decision going to Joe Warren.


Joey Beltran vs. Kendall Grove

Round 1: Grove is in the yellow trunks, Beltran in the gray. Grove is 21-15 and he fights out of Maui, Hawaii. Beltran is 16-11 and fights out of Carlsbad, California. Our referee in charge is Kerry Hatley. They dance around for 60 seconds with Grove throwing occasional leg kicks. Beltran seems to be a little flustered by Grove's height and reach advantage. Grove is using it effectively to stay out of range and he's also starting to mix in the left hook. It's not exciting enough for the Hidalgo crowd though and there's sporadic booing by the halfway point. Grove shoots at 2:46 but Beltran is able to stifle the half-hearted attempt. Grove lands a few left hands and Beltran goes for a body kick. Beltran tries to pin Grove up against the fence and the crowd momentarily wakes up, but he can't land a kill shot. Grove keeps dancing away as Beltran tries to make a brawl of it, using his left jab as he backs away. Beltran must have had at least one good shot as there's a tiny bit of blood in Grove's mouth, but I give him R1 10-9.

Round 2: Beltran lands his best shot so far at 1:26 of R2 and Grove jumps guard in response. Beltran backpedals away at 1:45 and forces Grove to stand. Beltran keeps coming forward for the rest of the round and he's also mixing in kicks to his usual stand and bang arsenal. Still it's a very dull round and by the end of it the crowd is booing again, largely because Grove stayed out of range and took little damage.

Round 3: Beltran has done some good damage with the leg kicks, and even makes Grove stumble at 1:12, but he lands a big right and a head kick at 1:35. The impatient crowd just wants to see one of these men fall. Beltran and Grove stand and trade at 2:10. Grove drops Beltran with a right hand as Beltran was coming forward and at 2:28 Hatley waves off the fight.

Final result: Kendall Grove wins via technical knockout at 2:27 of the third round.


Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Henry Corrales

Round 1: Corrales is 12-1, Sanchez is 10-2. Corrales is in the red trunks and out of Whittier, California. Sanchez is in the black trunks and fighting out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our referee is Jacob Montalvo. Both fighters are landing some good shots in the first 40 seconds - the feeling out process ending quickly. Corrales sends Sanchez backward with a hard right. Sanchez throws a body kick, Corrales a leg kick, and Corrales tries to push it to the fence but Sanchez gets loose. Sanchez comes forward with more kicks but he has a cut over his left eye from an elbow. Sanchez goes for a flying triangle and has it, but instead of pulling down on the head he throws wild shots off his back. He's pulling down on it at 2:55 but Corrales is surviving, so he goes for the arm, and at that moment Corrales escapes and is on top in full guard. 90 seconds left in R1. Sanchez continues to fish for submissions off his back and Corrales lets him back up at 4:15. They trade on the feet sporadically until the bell.

Round 2: R2 gets underway with Jimmy Smith believing Sanchez won the first round. Corrales is trying to let Sanchez come toward him so he can counter strike but he eats a head kick in the process. Sanchez tries to jump on him but Corrales slams him straight into the ground. They both stand at 1:50. Sanchez keeps Corrales pressed against the fence until 2:33 but eats another elbow to the head for his efforts. Montalvo calls time at 2:58 as Sanchez takes a finger to the eye. Blood is streaming down around Sanchez' left eye after the restart. Corrales partially checks another head kick to his right ear. They tie up with no advantage gained and break. Sanchez goes for a spinning head kick and doesn't get it but takes Corrales' back on the ground and goes for a rear naked but Corrales is saved by the bell.

Round 3: Despite the amount of blood he's leaked in this fight Sanchez may be up 20-18 right now. Corrales is eating more and more leg kicks, and Sanchez is also feinting takedowns to set up his damage. Corrales blocks a head kick as we pass the two minute mark. Corrales lands a solid leg kick and follows with some punches at 2:45. Sanchez ducks or bobs out of the way of a lot of it. Sanchez goes for the single with under a minute left and it's not there. More leg kicks from Sanchez. Another head kick from Sanchez is checked at 4:46. He takes the back and pulls Corrales to the ground right before the fight ends and we go to the judges.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 Corrales, 30-27 Sanchez, 29-28 for Sanchez by split decision.


Ewerton Teixeira vs. Vinicius 'Spartan' Queiroz

Round 1: Teixeira is in solid white trunks, 3-0, and he hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spartan is in black trunks, 7-3, and he hails from Curitiba, Brazil but now fights out of Huntington Beach, CA. Our referee is John McCarthy. They tap gloves and we're underway, and Teixeira is immediately throwing kicks. Spartan rushes in to try and slug it out and smothers Teixeira against the fence. McCarthy warns them not to grab the shorts. Teixeira is spun around and tripped to the ground at 1:04 with Spartan in side control. One has to believe he'd attempt a kimura here. He throws some right elbows and signals like he might go for full mount. Teixeira tries to sit up and is pushed down, but he sweeps at 2:25 and Spartan looks for a triangle off his back. Teixeira smells danger and stands up at 2:44. Teixeira is in the mood to use his hands now. Hard body kick by Teixeira at 3:56. Spartan lands a hard head shot in response. A few kicks are traded in the final 10 seconds of round one.

Round 2: Teixeira lands a hard right in the first 30 seconds of R2 and swells up Spartan's left eye a bit. Spartan gets an outside trip takedown at 1:31 to half guard. Spartan lands some unchecked left hands to the head. He keeps trying to sit up but Spartan keeps the pressure on. Teixeira keeps covering up to avoid damage but a left elbow here and there gets through and looks damaging. Spartan goes for the arm triangle choke and taps Teixeira out at 4:01.

Final result: Vinicius 'Spartan' Queiroz wins by submission at 4:00 of the second round.


Chase Gormley vs. Dan Charles

Round 1: Charles is in the black trunks. Gormley is in the solid red trunks. Our referee in charge is Kerry Hatley. Charles puts a right hand on Gormley's chin in the first 15 seconds. Strong body kick by Gormley as they circle. He gets a takedown at 48 seconds. Charles tries to trap the head and can't. Both men stand up at 1:16. Gormley throws a right hand as Charles breaks free. Charles throws a better one and opens up a cut over Charles' left eye. Gormley throws some spinning kicks. Charles continues to find a home for his right hand. 3 minutes gone. Charles lands the right again at 3:33. Gormley is keeping his hands far too low. Charles pushes him into the fence at 3:54. They break at 4:05. Gormley goes for a takedown with 25 seconds left and can't get it. 10-9 Charles.

Round 2: Gormley continues to get peppered with the right hand and has to check a spinning backfist too. Charles backs Gormley off with a hard right at 1:07. One wonders how many more of those Gormley can take. Again at 1:35. Gormley tries a knee from clinch. Gormley lands a right hand and gets a takedown to full guard. Hatley warns them to watch the heads clashing together. He calls for more activity at 2:40 and stands them up at 3 minutes in. Charles rocks Gormley at 4:20. He keeps eating huge rights when he gets back up and when he drops again at 4:35 Kerry Hatley waves it off.

Final result: Dan Charles wins via knockout at 4:35 of the second round.


Darrion Caldwell vs. Shawn Bunch

Round 1: Black trunks for Bunch. Sky blue trunks for Caldwell. Our referee in charge is Jacob Montalvo. Caldwell goes for a takedown 15 seconds into R1. Bunch blocks it but Caldwell goes for his back. He breaks free at 0:53. Caldwell gets the single leg at 1:18 and gets side control on the ground before Bunch can pop back up. Caldwell is looking for a kimura and punishing with elbows. Bunch turns to his back at 2:19 and Caldwell goes for the rear naked choke - Bunch taps at 2:35 and Caldwell improves to 8-0. Caldwell takes out a camera person named Dawn with a celebratory backflip.

Final result: Darrion Caldwell wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:35 of the first round.


John Teixeira vs. Gleristone Santos

Round 1: White trunks for Teixeira, orange trunks for Santos. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. Santos is trying to push Teixeira to the outside, but accidentally kicks him in the cup at 44 seconds and McCarthy calls time. We resume and Santos is not gun shy about throwing more leg kicks. Teixeira is trying to counter with a leg kick and an overhand right. Teixeira tries to claim another cup shot and McCarthy says it was clean and won't stop the action. The two slug it out at 2:17 and Santos looks for a leg trip but can't get it. McCarthy signals that Santos has a cut due to a punch. Teixeira gets a takedown but Santos is right back up at 3:25. Santos comes forward swinging wildly, Teixeira covers up, then delivers a HARD counter right that momentarily stuns his foe. They slug it out again at 4:22. Teixeira goes for the takedown at 4:38 and gets Santos' back standing but time expires for R1.

Round 2: No quarter given in any of the exchanges as we return for R2. Teixeira is still circling around Santos, occasionally pushing his way in, then trading roles for the second minute as he takes center and Santos circles. Santos tries and fails to throw Teixeira down from a clinch at 1:58. Another nasty exchange at 2:57 and then Santos throws a cartwheel kick that's more flash than smash. Teixeira nearly connects with a spinning backfist. Santos has spent a lot of R2 backing up and that may hurt him with the judges. Teixeira goes for a single leg and doesn't get it, and the two go toe to toe in the center before settling down and letting the final 30 seconds pass peacefully.

Round 3: It's anybody's fight after two rounds. Teixeira gets creamed with a good shot 37 seconds into R3 but stays standing and keeps pushing forward. He's throwing as many leg kicks as Santos now. Flying knee by Teixeira at 1:25 nearly hits the mark. He tries another at 1:54 and Santos tries to turn it into a takedown. Teixeira breaks off at 2:06. Teixeira takes the back standing and pushes Santos to the fence then backs off at 2:33. Teixeira trips Santos to the ground at 3:07 off an errant leg kick but Santos spins and scrambles and uses giving up his back as a transition to escape. There's no quit in either man after 14+ hard minutes. Santos misses with a flying knee right before the bell.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Teixeira, 29-28 Santos, 29-28 for Teixeira by split decision.


Jose Flores vs. Guillermo Gonzalez

Round 1: Unaired on

Final result: Jose Flores wins via technical knockout at 2:22 of the first round.


Guilherme Farias vs. Jared Chaffee

Round 1: Unaired on

Final result: Guilherme Farias wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:39 of the first round.


Bryce Mejia vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan

Round 1: Black trunks for Alhassan. Blue trunks for Mejia. Kerry Hatley is our ref. Alhassan puts him on the fence looking for a hip toss, but they break at 47 seconds. Alhassan hurts him with a big right hand and Mejia flails around on the ground, nearly gets a heel hook, but Alhassan wriggles free and lets Mejia stand up - just so he can crack him with an overhand right and end the fight at 1:26 of R1.

Final result: Abdul Razak Alhassan wins by knockout at 1:26 of the first round.


Saul Elizondo vs. Amador Ramirez

Round 1: White trunks for Ramirez. Red trunks for Elizondo. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. Ramirez circles on the outside right away, trying to lure Elizondo to come at him, but it backfires as he lands a shot and takes Ramirez' back. He puts on a body triangle and throws some heavy lefts and rights as McCarthy warns him not to target the back of the head. Elizondo takes the back looking for a rear naked choke or a neck crank but Ramirez gets free at 1:43. Elizondo keeps the back as  Rarmirez tries to spin free. 2:45 gone as Elizondo is looking for another sub and McCarthy warns him to improve position. He keeps trying to soften Ramirez up from behind. Ramirez stands up and Elizondo goes piggyback with both hooks in looking for the RNC as McCarthy takes a close look. Ramirez survives it but loses the round. 10-9 to Elizondo.

Round 2: Ramirez runs forward to tap gloves and gets the expected response, then tries to push forward aggressively with strikes. Ramirez lands a leg kick at 0:46. Ramirez seems very happy to be standing this round. He's bouncing around - a flurry of motion. Ramirez eats Elizondo up with combos at 1:55. He loves the leg kick and the left hand. Another good set of strikes at 2:22. Elizondo seems perplexed. He tries a couple of leg kicks hoping to slow Ramirez down. Ramirez gets off three strikes for every one from Elizondo. He nails him good at 3:13 as Elizondo tries to no-sell. Elizondo finally lands a strong right hand with 1:15 left but Ramirez starts to eat him up again and has Elizondo against the fence taking blows. He gets away and Ramirez resets. Elizondo lands a good counter right and pulls guard but Ramirez pops out with 17 seconds for ground and pound. 10-9 to Ramirez.

Round 3: Ramirez is again the aggressor to open R3. Ramirez gets a flash knockdown at 1:04. Elizondo goes backward to the fence off a hard right hand at 1:30. Elizondo gets a takedown at 1:45 and is stuck in full guard. He tries to back up and pass but lets Ramirez to his feet in the process. Ramirez comes forward at 2:29 with a hard right. Ramirez goes for a single and is stuffed. He's throwing everything now - spin kicks, jumping knees, doing what he wants. Elizondo is just trying to survive. Leg kick by Ramirez and a shoot for a takedown is stuffed with 40 seconds left. Spinning backfist by Ramirez misses. Elizondo gets a takedown to guard with eight seconds left, backs off, and as they start to work again on the ground the bell ends it. The judges will decide.

Final result: The judges score this contest unanimously 29-28 for the winner Amador Ramirez.


Steve Garcia vs. Eduardo Bustillos

Round 1: Blue trunks for Bustillos. Red trunks for Garcia. Our referee in charge is Kerry Hatley. Garcia gets it to the fence and lands a few jackhammer lefts until Bustillos turns him around. Bustillos throws knees to the legs and gets Garcia partway down, forcing him to throw reverse elbows with his left arm. Garcia gets his back to the fence and Hatley warns Bustillos not to grab the cage. Bustillos goes hard for a single left and Garcia stays on his feet and comes forward swinging at 2:34. Bustillos pressures him into the fence looking for a single leg again and Garcia hops around on one foot until he gives up. Bustillos drops for it again at 3:19. Garcia has impeccable balance on his feet. Garcia turns him and throws knees to the body. Bustillos turns him back again looking for a single with the left leg. Garcia has done more hopping than a pogo stick this round. Bustillos lands a right but eats a hard counter shot in response and Garcia pours it on with vicious lefts, getting Hatley to wave it off with a second or two to go.

Final result: Steve Garcia wins via technical knockout at 4:59 of the first round.


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