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Former UFC champ: Tipsy Tank Abbott would get creamed by Ronda Rousey, vomit alcohol

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

No sandwich for you!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Frank Shamrock, who competed in the same era as Tank Abbott, is not impressed with the ex-pro wrestler's claims that he can smash UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey -- without even training.

"I think Tank spends a little too much time on the bar stool," Shammy told TMZ. "He'd be submitted in 20 seconds. He'd be bent over in the ring throwing up all the alcohol."

He's not the only one.

Former UFC champ Vitor Belfort also believes Rousey would make mince meat of the aging Tank, because "thunder makes noise and lightening does the damage," which is such a Belfort thing to say.

Rousey has more important things to worry about this year, like her Holly Holm fight at UFC 193, as well as her return to Hollywood as "Dalton" in the "Road House" remake.

Maybe they can cast Tank as "Jimmy."

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