Country Club Biscuits and Gravy

Big Country Roy Nelson returns to the Octagon this weekend in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Japan. Roy, needless to say is totally awesome and remains an inspiration to peoples aroHe faces Josh Barnett for the bad body championship of the UFC. The lineal UFC bad body championship is as follows:

Teila Tuli

Emmanuel Yarborough

Joe Son

Tank Abbot (who holds it until UFC 45)

Tim Slyvia (who holds it until he goes to Affliction to fight Fedor for the Affliction bad body championship)

B.J Penn (by default)

Roy Nelson

Roy has held it since he won the ultimate fighter, but with Josh Barnett returning to the UFC, it is hard to determine who is indeed more corpulent. Roy does indeed have the gut, but it is hard to deny the sex appeal of Roy’s heaving beer gut. Barnett rocks those saggy "I used ‘roid a ton" man boobs that jostle from side to side with each lumbering step. Stylistically this is an interesting matchup. Both men are virtuso ground fighters with the edge going to Barnett. On the feet Roy holds a strong edge. I could see Barnett trying to submit Roy, but my gut says they stand and trade. Roy has a way of stalking down larger opponents and becoming very compact. Whatever sort of despicable cardio advantage there is probabaly lies with Roy, who at least has show consistently that he can do the distance and keep on trading. Barnett has had a long lay off, which can lead to ring rust, but in my opinion the best of the best use time off to rest and sharpen skills a la Condit, Thiago Alves, and Werdum. Since 2012 Barnett has had 4 fights, a 5 round war with Daniel Cormier and 3 fights that ended in the first round. Conversely, Roy Nelson has fought 9 times in that same span and totaled 18 rounds of fighting in the UFC. I do not think Barnett can dole enough punishment to shut down Roy, or be busy enough on the feet to win on the scorecards.


There are a few other interesting fights on this free Fox Sports 1 card. The Co-Main Event features sweet and sassy Gegard Mousasi against Uriah Hall. To me this fight is a recipe for some bizarre shit. Uriah Hall has so far decapitated someone on the Ultimate Fighter, lost the Ultimate fighter, stalled out against entirely average fighters like John Howard and Rafael Natal, and also courageously won a fight while the entire bone was sticking out of his middle toe. Take that and throw a little sweet and sassy sauce in their for Gegard Mousasi. Mousasi is truly a throw back fighter. He mixes up his strikes, he has excellent wrestling defense that produces exciting scrambles, he owns slick submissions and for the most part has been must watch in the sport for his entire career. The added juice of having him fighting in Japan is also an interesting factor. I have my fingers crossed for a wonderful mixed martial arts battle and not 15 minutes of each fighter waiting to counter the other.


I have also got MIZUGAKI by thrashing and BRANDAO by submission. I will definitely be tuning in for some free MMA Saturday night.

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