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'Clean' Cris Cyborg goes nuts after shady UFC drug testing report: OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

Esther Lin

Reigning Invicta FC featherweight champion Cristiane Justino has a real problem with the way mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are being promoted by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), especially when you consider the shady drug testing report that uncovered some testosterone-fueled funny business ahead of UFC 152.

Read the original report here.

Justino, who failed a drug test back in 2012, has since been ostracized from the cool-kids club because -- according to UFC President Dana White -- she's ugly and pumped full of steroids. That's a sentiment echoed by his women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Vitor Belfort, on the other hand, gets rewarded with title shots, despite failing multiple drug tests. In addition, when is the last time you heard White say anything about UFC Fight Night 75 headliner Josh Barnett, who also tested positive a handful of times?

As for Anderson Silva, he failed for steroids then got hailed by the promotion for his "great career."

Enough is enough, according to the Brazilian (via Facebook):

Hmmmm ... someone has tested positive for steroids before fighting for a world championship in the UFC, but you are allowed to fight, and took nearly three years before the public finds out?

Open your eyes!

I'm clean, and I'm willing to try doing a year of Olympic tests before any fight, I wonder will the defending champion of the UFC 135 is willing to agree to the same? What do you mean? Some are crucified and others are not even mentioned!

Roy Nelson shares your pain.

UFC has gone to great lengths to clean up its image on the performance-enhancing drug (PED) front, naming United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as the independent administrator for its new drug-testing policy, which took effect last July.

As for Justino, she's slowly-but-surely making her way down to the 135-pound division to settle her score with Rousey. Assuming both fighters remain undefeated, expect that clash to happen in late 2016, along with a barrage of corresponding drug tests.

Hey, anyone else remember when the emphasis used to be on the actual fights?

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