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TUF 22: 'McGregor vs Faber' results, recap for episode 3 on FOX Sports 1

FOX Sports

Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 22 gets underway on FOX Sports 1 and it's right into training with Team Europe, along with Coach Conor McGregor, who blew off a morning session but came locked and loaded for the night owls -- complete with superlatives from UFC President and Irish cheerleader Dana White.

Interestingly enough, the episode title is "recognizing the enemy."

Tonight's fight features Chris Gruetzemacher (Team USA) taking on Sascha Sharma (Team Europe), and "Notorious" -- down 0-1 after last week -- expects the fight to take place against the fence. That said, he also believes Team USA won't have a size advantage on fight night.

Sharma -- hailing from Germany by way of India -- announces that he's a boxer by trade, and while he spars, McGregor shouts little things like "nice!" and "beautiful!" ... which are of course very helpful and informative.


Now it's time to see what Team USA and Gruetzemacher plan to do in preparation for the second elimination fight and we learn that Gruetzemacher is the descendant of a tortured senator in Chile. In addition, his dad was shot and murdered.

Well, that was uplifting.

Faber refers to his fighter as "Gritz" -- which is fine by me for play-by-play purposes -- and wants to focus on brawling in an attempt to keep Sharma from turning this into a hugging match. The focus is on clinch work, composure, and winning scrambles.

Back at the TUF house, the fighters gather to watch UFC on FOX 16, featuring TJ Dillashaw's massacre of Renan Barao. Since Dillashaw and Faber are bromancing the Team Alpha Male stone, emotions are running high during the event.

Not coincidentally, McGregor uses that history to try to drive a wedge between them during the TUF weigh ins (a subject that has been broached in the past). "Man up and fight him now, that's your only fight," according to the Irish troublemaker.

Faber won't recognize the enemy take the bait.

But enough about that, we have a lightweight showdown ready to roll and judging by the "Notorious" behavior in the episode three previews, some funky shit is about to go down.

Let's get to it.

155 lbs.: Chris Gruetzemacher (Team USA) vs. Sascha Sharma (Team Europe)

Round 1: Touch of gloves and Sharma with a nice combo. Gritz ties him up and eats a knee. Gritz comes in with punches and they tie up and go to the cage. Sharma drops a level and grabs a leg but gets nothing. McGregor yelling at him to slow down. Gritz pulls him off the cage and secures a trip takedown. Sharma with a triangle choke that looks tight but Gritz survives and powers out. Sharma rolls out and they get back on their feet. Sharma drives him into the fence, then spins and gets the takedown. Gritz gives up his back but Sharma can't capitalize and they are back up. Sharma with some nice dirty boxing and pulls guard. He looks for an arm but Gritz won't let him have it. One minute left and they roll around on the ground in a battle for position. Faber yelling for his man to "finish the fight" which is a peculiar instruction since Sharma is not in any kind of danger. I have it 10-9 Sharma.

Round 2: No touch of gloves this time and once again, Sharma opens with a stiff combo. He then shoots from a mile away and gets stuffed. Gritz all over him and lands a few decent shots from top position. Sharma is covered with blood and gives up his back but wisely rolls out. Gritz hammering him but the action gets back to the feet. Despite his control of the stand-up, Sharma once again goes for a lazy takedown and once again, gets stuffed and pounced on. McGregor goes berserk, starts shouting for Sharma to get to his feet and stay there. Gritz using the position to lay all over him and drop intermittent strikes. Sharma tries to roll out and gets his arm trapped ("He gave it to him!" mumbles McGregor) but Gritz can't secure the submission. Gritz loses position and now it's Sharma's turn on top -- until he tries for a sloppy guillotine and gets rolled over. McGregor is livid, tells his team "The patient man always prevails." One minute left and Gritz is running out the clock on top, as Faber calls for another phantom finish. Cardio appears to be an issue for both men. I gave it to Gritz 10-9. So did the judges and we're going to a third.

Round 3: McGregor -- complete with epic pit stains -- runs over to Sharma and orders him to stay on his feet. As soon as the round starts Sharma flies in for a takedown and lands on his belly like a surfer. McGregor nearly leaves the building in disgust and shouts "WHAT THE FUCK?!?" As expected. Gritz pounds away and Faber tells him "He wants to quit!" Sharma must have heard him because he pops up and locks in a guillotine -- which fails -- and McGregor tells him not to go to his back "like a bitch." Coach "Notorious" is more entertaining than this fight. Gritz back on top and punching to stay busy. The story of this fight is Sharma completely ignoring every single instruction his corner told him before and during the fight. McGregor screaming for him to stand and he just rolls over on his back. What follows is a legit five-to-seven seconds of bleeps from the FOX Sports 1 censors. Watch that Irish temper! Gritz tries to take his back but Sharma reverses with a minute left to fight. He needs a finish to win this round. Gritz rolls and reverses and ends the fight on top. 10-9 Gritz.

Final result: Gruetzemacher def. Sharma via decision

Here's where we stand after episode three:

United States:
Billy Quarantillo (6-1) 
Chris Gruetzemacher (12-1) +1
James Jenkins (8-1) 
Jason Gonzalez (9-2) 
Julian Erosa (14-1) 
Ryan Hall (4-1) +1
Thanh Le (4-1) 
Tom Gallicchio (19-8) 
Johnny Nunez (5-1)

Abner Lloveras (19-7-1) 
David Teymur (3-1) 
Frantz Slioa (4-0)
Marcin Wrzosek (10-2) 
Martin Svensson (14-5)
Mehdi Baghdad (11-3) 
Sascha Sharma (8-2)
Saul Rogers (10-1) 
Artem Lobov (11-10-1-1)

After the fight, both White and McGregor shit all over Sharma for his dopey gameplan. Faber is borderline hysterical over the poor start for Team Europe. Gritz is celebrating his big win, but I'm not sure that performance is something that will stand out on a resume.

Stay tuned next week as Team USA asks "Toothless" Tom Gallicchio to battle Marcin "Polish Zombie" Wrzosek.

See you in seven!

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