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UFC 192's Johny Hendricks going back to wrestling roots, apologizes if he is no longer exciting

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Will Johny Hendricks soon become the anti-Carlos Condit?

After proving he can hang with the best of them on the feet on more than one occasion, Johny Hendricks is going back to what he knows best:


That's because "Bigg Rigg" has finally realized what it is judges want to see to award wins. And it has nothing to do with standing toe-to-toe with your opponent. Hendricks recently informed Ground and Pound TV that if changing his approach comes at the expense of taking away exciting fights for fans, then so be it.

His words (via MMA Fighting):

"I have to do that. You out-strike somebody, you lose. That's happened twice to me, now. I want to make sure that I get the W. Yea, I want to keep fans entertained. I want to keep them excited for my fights, but I also know what I have to do. I have to win. Each judge is different. I've fought a lot of places now and I'm starting to figure out what people want to see. If I'm not as exciting, I'm sorry, but that's what the refs want to see."

So much for reminding people of your scary hands.

Something else that will also change are his lobbying efforts. After sitting around for a half-year waiting for a title shot he felt he deserved, "Bigg Rigg" declared that he would no longer ask for certain opponents. If he's healthy enough, then he'll take the next man available.

"I've been passed a second time. Now, I'm just fighting. If I'm healthy I'm going to fight. I don't care who it is, when it is. As long as my body is healing. Right after this fight, I'm going to see where my body's at, take a week off, relax and see what's next for me. That's where my head's at. I'm tired of ... I campaigned for a fight. I should have got a fight. It didn't happen. I wasted six months. I wasted six months! I don't have time for that. I want to fight. I want to get back in there. I want to continue to fight."

Can't be mad at that.

Next up for Hendricks, however, is a pivotal Middleweight clash against fellow wrestler, Tyron Woodley, which is set to go down at UFC 192 on Oct. 3, 2015 in Houston, Texas. Should he get through that challenge, a title shot should be waiting on deck for the former champion.

But, if it doesn't come, that's okay, too.

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