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Report: Vitor Belfort blew up pre-fight drug test, UFC let him fight anyway

"I'm an old lion, I have tricks, you know what I mean?" -- Vitor Belfort

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) titleholder Vitor Belfort was given a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) ahead of his UFC 152 title fight against Jon Jones, which at the time was kept under wraps.

But you knew that already.

What may not have been known is that said TUE was issued by UFC and not the Ontario Athletic Commission, even after Belfort tested positive for elevated testosterone. Two and a half times above the average for a man his age, to be exact, according to a new report from Josh Gross at Deadspin.

What's the big deal?

Well, according to the report, UFC knew Belfort was up to no good and let him fight anyway, but failed to disclose the information. Not that it matters from a fan perspective, but I would reckon that's the kind of red flag someone like Jon Jones would want to know.

Before stepping into the cage, as opposed to after.

In addition, some dope at UFC accidentally Emailed the results to litany of UFC fighters, trainers, and managers, then sent a follow-up Email threatening them with legal action if they blabbed. Keep in mind this is the same promotion that crucified Cris Cyborg for a single failed drug test in 2012.

Belfort? He gets a title shot!

I'm sure ZUFFA officials were in panic mode after the debacle that was UFC 151 and its next pay-per-view (PPV) offering, UFC 152, was supposed to right all the wrongs caused by Dan Henderson's injury (and this shocking "murder"). The question is, at what cost?

Not surprisingly, UFC has refused comment.