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Video: Miesha Tate 'frustrated' with UFC, tired of doing Ronda Rousey's heavy lifting

"I'm very frustrated with the UFC. I'm not in a position where I feel like I need to be pushed around and, 'Oh, you take this fight, take that fight.' It makes no sense to me why I'm not the champion and yet I'm fighting all the No. 1 contenders. Amanda Nunes is ranked No. 4 and Holm is ranked No. 8. What is wrong with that picture? I'm not the champ and I'm fighting better girls than the champion is fighting and I'm not getting paid what the champion is getting paid. It's the champion's job to fight the best girls in the world. When I'm the champion, we'll talk. I'm just in an awkward stage of my career. I don't know what the next best step for me is but I do know I'm not going to be pushed around by anybody."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight No. 1 contender Miesha Tate had all she can standz, and she can't standz no more! "Cupcake" vented to Ground And Pound TV (via MMA Fighting) about her pushy employer and why she's tired of facing all the top contenders while division champion, Ronda Rousey, gets to fight lesser-ranked opponents like Bethe Correia and Holly Holm. Tate -- winner of four straight -- is probably still seething over the promotion's decision to squash her third dance with "Rowdy" in an attempt to save her career, despite already promising it to her back in July. So, where do we go from here? That's up to matchmakers to decide, but it doesn't sound like they're likely to be swayed anytime soon.

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