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Coach: I see Nick Diaz getting back to his jiu-jitsu roots and having fun

The way long-time trainer of Diaz, Cesar Gracie, sees it, 209's finest will survive in the aftermath of the five-year suspension handed down to him from Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Diaz has never not gone against the grain.

The enigmatic force in mixed martial arts (MMA) -- and currently suspended Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight -- has faced the music more often than not at the hands of Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) -- so much that his peers have started a "Free Nick Diaz" campaign.

But now, according to his long-time coach, Cesar Gracie, the Stockton slugger will look to ply his trade elsewhere, following NSAC's five-year suspension handed down to him for his drug test blunder at UFC 183 back in January.

And it's in familiar territory.

"He loves training jiu-jitsu," Cesar Gracie told MMAjunkie. "That's just where he came from, and he likes to train with the gi on. I see him getting back to his roots and having fun."

Before Diaz amassed a 26-9-(2) record in MMA, held multiple world titles and challenged for a UFC 170-pound belt, the 32-year-old's beginnings in martial arts manifested themselves in jiu-jitsu competitions when he was 16.

He would continue competing in said jiu-jitsu tournaments in drips and drabs over the last decade. You can view his matwork at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club below.

However, Diaz's talents aren't confined to just martial arts. The California native is also notorious for his gas tank, which he has raised by participating myriad triathlons.

"One good thing is, a few weeks ago, he sent me pictures of him competing in triathlons, and he hadn't done that in a long time," said Gracie. "That's the old Nick that I knew, the guy that used to do triathlons, do gi training, and I think that's where his roots are."

Being that his fighting career, which was always his only job, is in jeopardy, the fact that he's focused on maintaining his physical well-being is a good sign.

Not that he plans on laying down for anybody, while his legal team takes the next step (via MMA Fighting) in vindicating their client, which Gracie is confident will happen.

"I think they're going to overturn that [the suspension] in the courts. We'll see what happens," Gracie said.

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