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MMA Quick Quote: Reebok fight kit make UFC look like a cult

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

"I couldn't imagine myself just all Reebok'd out. I haven't worn Reebok since the old-school hardcore days back in like high school. Reebok is not my thing. And like I said, just looking around, everybody is dressed in the same thing, I feel like I'm part of a cult or something."

-- Just when you thought the criticism for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight Kit was dying down, Bellator MMA's Emmanuel Newton drops some fire on the not-so popular uniform during his interview with MMA Fighting. The former Light Heavyweight champion says he's thankful his promotion doesn't require him to walk out in Reebok attire from head to toe. According to Newton, it would make him feel like he's part of a cult if the Viacom-owned company forced him to do what Dana White and Co. have doe to their employees. Question is: Is it worse being part of a cult, or the Power Rangers?

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