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Floyd Mayweather says 'it's over' after Andre Berto win...but is it really?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather dominated Andre Berto during last night's (Sat. Sept. 5, 2015) welterweight title fight inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vega, Nevada.

For full play-by-play and video highlights click here and here.

Going into the bout, the major selling point was the fact that it would be the last time "Money" would ever step inside the squared circle. And after obtaining win number 49, Floyd reassured his plans to ESPN's Jeremy Schaap that he indeed would be calling it a day.

"It's over, I gave thanks to God, and it's over. I had a great career. I'm older, and after each fight my hands are steady breaking down. The body is breaking down. The body isn't really breaking down from taking punishment, it's just from all of the hard work, so it's time for me to hang them up. I had a great career. I want to leave this sport smart, sharp and with all my faculty's. But, like I said before, I am happy. I' m very, very happy with the way my career played out."

Of course, there are many skeptics -- myself included -- that strongly believe "Money" will be back for at least one more fight.

Yes, Floyd has beaten every worthy contender under the sun -- some twice -- so there isn't exactly "anything left to prove." However, his 49-0 record only ties Rocky Marciano's mark. And we all know how "Money" likes to be one better than everyone else.

But, Floyd is adamant he doesn't have the temptation to come back in order to go 50-0. Fair enough, but how long do you think he can stand being tied with Rocky?

Then there's the money. I mean, it's not like Mayweather needs anymore, but boy does he like it. And if he can find another worthy up-and-coming contender or established veteran to give him one more huge money fight, something tells me "Money" will gladly come back to get that coin.

And finally, last night's event didn't exactly feel like a Floyd Mayweather-lead extravaganza. I mean you would figure for it being Floyd's last bout, the circus would be in town. And, it really wasn't. The media push wasn't exactly big ala Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

Plus, fans weren't exactly flocking to the box office to get tickets like they did for MayPac. And after it was all said an done, there wasn't nostalgia in the air knowing that the best boxer of his generation had called it a day.

It was simply flat.

It's for those reason's -- all of them or simply just one -- that I truly believe we'll be seeing Floyd back in the boxing ring sometime in 2016 or 2017.

Question is, against who?

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