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Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto full fight video highlights from last night

It was certainly not the "Fight of the Century."

In fact, it was the disappointing follow up performance that virtually every "expert" predicted after Floyd Mayweather coasted past Manny Pacquiao earlier this year, with "Money" outclassing an over-matched Andre Berto in the Showtime boxing main event tonight (Sept., 12, 2015) inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Berto was certainly aggressive, which is critical when fighting an epic point fighter and brilliant boxer such as Mayweather. However, as is usually the case, Mayweather was near-impossible to hit. Berto attempted to talk crap inside the cage, perhaps attempting to bait Mayweather into some kind of wild brawl -- his only true chance of winning the match -- but he did not take it.

He never has ... and probably never will.

Mayweather, once again, fought a very smart, technical fight and swept the judges scorecards. He actually landed several hard left hooks, even though he was heard between rounds complaining that one of his hands was injured. It didn't matter, he threw them both, enough that the crowd in "Sin City" actually began to cheer him as the fight came to a close.

Perhaps that goes along with the ridiculous cost of admission.

Mayweather eventually earned a predictable unanimous decision. He adamantly re-affirmed his decision to retire from the sport in his post-fight interview; however, the perfect 50-0 stat line -- and one last monster payday -- still hang in the balance.

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