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Mayweather-Berto live updates: Who is winning the fight right now?

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To watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto full fight video highlights from last night right now click here!

This is it folks!

The main event of the evening -- and possibly the final fight in the storied career of professional boxer and colorful sports personality Floyd "Money" Mayweather -- is about to begin.

After beginning his career in 1996, the champion will attempt to improve to 49-0 to match the legacy of former heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano. Mayweather, 48-0 with 26 knockouts, last faced long-time rival Manny Pacquiao in May of this year, winning a convincing unanimous decision.

His challenger is Andre Berto, 30-3 with 23 knockouts, who has won two in a row since losing to Jesus Soto Karass. He rebounded from a 13-month layoff with a decision over Steve Upsher Chambers and then stopped the tough Josesito Lopez in the sixth round last March.

11:13 p.m. ET: Roman Martinez retained his Super Featherweight title because of a very unpopular split-decision draw after 12 round of back-and-forth action opposite Orlando Salido.

11:20 p.m. ET: Promo intros begin to roll, with the emphasis on Mayweather's landmark win over Manny Pacquiao and virtually no mention of Andre Berto. In the clip, Mayweather cites his desire to spend more time with his children as the reason behind his alleged looming retirement.

11:23 p.m. ET: Video promo for "Creed" is shown, my life has become full-circle in more ways than one ... nevermind Sylvester Stallone.

11:25 p.m. ET: Ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. gets on the microphone, Wyclef Jean sings a Haitian national anthem on behalf of Berto.

11:27 p.m. ET: Victoria Monet gets to sing the United States national anthem. She sings good and looks good, too. Big surprise.

11:29 p.m. ET: Video package begins to roll, hyping Berto as a legitimate threat. "The Beast" begins his entrance to the ring.

11:33 p.m. ET: Mayweather begins his walk to the ring, supposedly, for the last time. Justin Bieber is nowhere to be seen, appears he wants the focus all on him. Huge surprise ... not.

11:35 p.m. ET: Tale of the tape! Shorter fighters don't do well against Mayweather. Does anyone?

11:36 p.m. ET: Lennon Jr. begins his in-ring introductions ...

11:40 p.m. ET: Both fighters step to the center of the ring, receive their final instructions from referee Kenny Bayless, touch gloves (Mayweather did, Berto didn't) and it's GO TIME!


Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto

Round one: Mayweather, green gloves, came out pumping his left hand. Berto, meanwhile, inched forward, not impressed, looking to land something special. Mayweather putting his chin out there, goading Berto to blast him ... and he doesn't. Mayweather lands a nice left hook that finally triggers a reaction from the crowd. Round ends as Berto hangs an arm around his head after a quick exchange. Mayweather probably takes the first round on the judges scorecards -- Berto playing it super safe so far.

Round two: Berto stalking Mayweather again in the second but whenever he gets close they engage in the clinch. More jabs by Mayweather followed by clinches. There's a lot of grappling for a boxing fight. Mayweather is backed into the ropes but Bero can't capitalize. Mayweather is happy to toy with and frustrate Berto, who has yet to land anything impressive.

Round three: Mayweather once again allowing the clinch to happen and backing up into the ropes before ducking under the attack by Berto. Mayweather lands a left hook and then goes scrambling across the ring as he almost loses his balance from his own momentum. Mayweather continues to duck so low as he moves away that it's a wonder his head isn't hitting the canvas. Mayweather playing keepaway.

Mayweather is likely up 30-27 at this point.

Round four: A smile on Mayweather's face as Berto's left hand finally gets through against the ropes. Mayweather clinches and then on the break he lands a 1-2 combination on Berto that gets the crowd to wake up a bit. Berto chasing Mayweather, who ducks his head back and keeps just out of range. The clinch works continues and the two fighters exchange pleasantries. Probably another round for "Money."

Round five: Berto trying to unload but Mayweather is a master of timing the clinch. The sheer amount of holding in this fight is pretty ridiculous. A low blow warning for Berto. Mayweather dancing against the rings, landing his famous shoulder roll jab. Berto unable to cut off the ring and when he does somehow manage it there's an immediate clinch. I can't see any round going to Berto.

Round six: The question now seems to be whether Berto will actually land one clean punch in this fight. Well, he is a 30-1 underdog, right? Mayweather backs into the corner and waits for referee separation. Mayweather beginning to land the counter uppercut. The speed difference is pretty crazy. Looks like a clash of heads. I wouldn't surprised with all this clinching. Berto lands a left jab that lands late. Probably his best round.

Unofficial score from Showtime's judge is 60-55 Mayweather right now.

Round seven: Mayweather with a nice right hand on the break from the clinch. Berto's looking quite a bit better in the second half of this fight, but it might have something to do with Mayweather's lackadaisical attitude. Berto continues to miss the elusive footwork of Mayweather. Berto's best chances come when Mayweather actually opens up and tries to fight. Not a bad round for Berto but it's not a win.

Round eight: The crowd boos as Mayweather refuses to engage in this fight, dancing around and avoiding contact while landing pot shots with his speed. Berto can't find a way inside and when he does it becomes a clinch. Mayweather with hands down completely and a look of contempt on his face. This isn't a hard final day at the office for the undefeated fighter.

Round nine: Berto relentlessly charges forward without any success. Mayweather gets the cleaner punches on the breaks from the clinches and owns anything at range. Mayweather relaxing against the ropes, ducking under a Berto punch and then clinching again. Berto pawing at Mayweather like a confused cat. Berto lipping off to Mayweather now as the two break from another clinch. Berto throwing hard and heavy for the very first time in this fight as he gets angry. Mayweather clowns.

Round ten: Mayweather spends the first minute clowning again, hands down and dodging punches. Referee calling a timeout to warn the fighters about talking and fighting dirty. Berto gives a friendly tap to the back of the champ's head. Berto running down Mayweather now, trying to get this guy to actually fight. Mayweather lands quick hands as Berto moves in and then dances away again.

Best guesstimate: 10-0 Mayweather

Round eleven: If Mayweather wants to go out on a memorable note he hasn't decided to make it happen yet. More keepaway and bicycling away from the action. He's landing glancing blows to win the points war though. Mayweather begins to land some combinations late in the round while showing his superior footwork. He starts stutter stepping and clowning again with a level of arrogance not yet measured by instruments invented by humans.

Round twelve: The last round in Mayweather's career -- or so he claims. Amazing Berto doesn't just go for broke and try something crazy. Berto's doing what he's been doing all fight, which is to say nothing successful. Mayweather finally opens up a bit as the second are winding down but it won't be a KO career finish. Mayweather spends the last 10 seconds dancing around the ring, trying not to fight. Maybe it's for the best he's not coming back.

Final result: Floyd Mayweather def. Andre Berto via unanimous decision (117-111, 118-110, 120-108)

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