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Adonis Stevenson vs Tommy Karpency results, LIVE fight coverage of PBC 'Friday Night Lights Out'

Al Haymon's Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) series continues its effort to bring free televised boxing to the public tonight (Fri., Sept. 11, 2015) with a Light Heavyweight title fight as mega-punching Adonis Stevenson defends his WBC belt against Pennsylvania's Tommy Karpency in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of "Friday Night Lights Out," starting with the Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET.

Stevenson (26-1, 21 KO) has won 13 straight, 11 by knockout, since a later-avenged 2010 loss to spoiler supreme Darnell Boone. This will be his fifth defense of his belt, which he won with an upset knockout of Chad Dawson in 2013.

Karpency (25-4-1, 14 KO) came up short in his title bids against Nathan Cleverly and Andrzej Fonfara, but became a surprise contender by upsetting the remains of Chad Dawson last year. He also recently fought a guy on a seven-fight losing streak in an eight-round fight, so make of that what you will.

The far-more-competitive co-main event pits U.S. Olympian and top prospect Errol Spence, Jr. (17-0, 14 KO) against his stiffest test to date: (23-1-1, 12 KO) Chris van Heerden, who has won nine straight.


Light Heavyweight Championship: Adonis Stevenson vs. Tommy Karpency at 0:21 of Round Three

Welterweight: Errol Spence, Jr. def. Chris van Heerden by TKO at 0:50 of Round Eight


Adonis Stevenson vs. Tommy Karpency

Round one: Karpency wades in, takes a glancing left hand. Both whiff inside. Tentative start. Karpency with a lunging right hook, eats a massive left hand with no ill effects. One  minute in. Both miss inside. Nice shots by Karpency, but Stevenson buckles him with a left cross. Karpency gets his wits back quickly. One minute to go. Counter left from Stevenson. Lots of feints to end the round and a missed right hook from Karpency. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round two: Stevenson prodding with the right hand. Right hook from Karpency. 1-2 from the American. Counter left by Stevenson. Right hook from Karpency. One minute in. Karpency with some shots around the guard. Clinch. Karpency just misses with a long left. One minute to go. He's got a mouse under his right eye. Stevenson jabs the body and clinches. Both whiff on big left hands. More jabs from Stevenson. Right hook from Stevenson in an exchange. A left right on the chin completely destroys Karpency's equilibrium and Stevenson chases him down with punches, putting Karpency down right at the bell. Karpency makes it to his feet but doesn't look too hot. 20-17 Stevenson.

Round there: Stevenson roars out of the gate with massive punches, putting Karpency down with another huge left hand. The referee doesn't like what he sees when Karpency makes it back to his feet and waves the fight off.

Final result: Stevenson def. Karpency by TKO


Errol Spence, Jr. vs. Chris van Heerden

Round one: Spence advancing slowly as van Heerden circles. Double jab from van Heerden, Spence tags the body. Spence's looks to be the sharper jab of the two. More solid jabs from the American. One minute in. 1-2, blocked right hook from Spence. 1-2 afterwards lands clean. Spence's jab really has a lot behind it. van Heerden digs a right hook to the body. van Heerden trying to jab with him. One minute to go. 1-2 by Spence, lead left afterwards. Clinch from van Heerden. Spence continues to win the jab battle. 1-2 lands for him before the bell, van Heerden comes back to the body. 10-9 Spence.

Round two: Hard right to the body by Spence, van Heerden lands a clean left upstairs. Clinch. Both men go to the body with some nasty shots. Clinch. Short punches by Spence in the clinch. One minute in. van Heerden to the body, simultaneous connection to teh gut. Straight left from CvH met by a straight left. van Heerden's having a better round but he's still getting the worst of it. More brutal body shots from both men. Looping left prompts van Heerden to shake his head and come back to the body. 1-2 by Spence connects. One minute to go. Spence drills the body. van Heerden continuing to taunt, but eating shots as he does. Body shot from the South African. NICE 1-1-2 rattles van Heerden, who taunts in response. Bell. 20-18 Spence.

Round three: van Heerden throwing some heavy leather as they exchange. Brief pause as van Heerden forgot his mouthpiece. van Heerden eating some piston jabs as he advances. van Heerden to the body with a right, and then a looping left upstairs. Combination from Spence. Hard right hook prompts van Heerden to clinch. Spence starting to look for the killshot. One minute in. Clinch. Now Spence on the front foot. van Heerden with a right downstairs. Uppercut and body shots by Spence. Combinations with van Heerden on the ropes, nasty right hook prompts anther taunt. One minute to go. Overhand left by Spence. Uppercut, looping left. Right to the body. van Heerden lands a right hook in response. van Heerden backs him to the corner and lands a few punches. Body shots connect for him and he blocks an uppercut before the bell. 30-27 Spence.

Round four: van Heerden lands some mugging blows early before Spence forces him to the ropes. That jab remains a potent weapon for the American. Left cross, body shot, clinch. Both dig to the gut. Right hook on the exit by Spence. One minute in. Overhand left forces van Heerden to retreat and Spence opens up on the ropes. van Heerden digs to the body to force Spence back. They pause because van Heerden forgot his mouthpiece again, prompting a point deduction. The two men exchange at close range. van Heerden forces him back. Body shot by Spence, clinch. One minute to go. Nasty right hook to the body by the American. Spence keeping his man near the fence. Clinch. Double right hook by van Heerden as the two men mug inside. Bell. 40-35 Spence.

Round five: More good jab work by Spence. Spence sneaks an uppercut through the guard and starts a good combination on the ropes. van Heerden comes back with some punches, can't get off the ropes. One minute in. van Heerden reverses the position, still eating more punches. Nice uppercut by Spence, who's landing nasty combinations with his man on the ropes. van Heerden lands a good body shot, eats a big right hand upstairs. van Heerden's eye is swelling up from the jabs. Two-piece by van Heerden, Spence moves him to the ropes and lands more hard blows around the guard. van Heerden to the body. 1-2 lands for him as he forces Spence back. Left cross as they jockey inside. Spence with some hard shots inside. Good punches from van Heerden, Spence comes back before the bell. 50-44 Spence.

Round six: van Heerden advancing, Spence potshotting with jabs. Clinch. 1-2-2 by Spence, all three land. van Heerden lands a nice combination. One minute in. Uppercut by Spence. van Heerden landing some jabs of his own, but not to nearly the same effect. CvH to the body as he moves Spence to the ropes. The American fires back and circles out. Nasty punches on the ropes by Spence. van Heerden wiggles his hips again. One minute to go. Spence with a hard left to the body after some glancing blows by van Heerden. van Heerden continues to posture. Bell, 60-53 Spence.

Round seven: Spence landing some heavy punches early on. He moves van Heerden to the ropes and tees of with power punches. van Heerden waves him on. Short right hook from van Heerden amid the jabs he's eating. Left cross, body shots. One minute in. They exchange on the ropes. Spence's punches remain the heavier. Nasty punches by Spence and van Heerden falls to his knees from a shot to the temple. He makes it up in time. Less than a minute to go. van Heerden firing back. Spence patiently advances and puts van Heerden down again with a body shot. Brief pause to cut some loose tape off Spence's glove. van Heerden gets confused by the ten-second clapper and starts to walk away, but manages to survive. 70-60 Spence with a 10-7 round.

Round eight: van Heerden continuing to throw to the body, lands a hard punch upstairs that knocks Spence's mouthpiece out. Hard right hook from Spence as van Heerden wades forward. Brutal punches by Spence, van Heerden continues to wiggle. Oh, terrific punches by Spence as van Heerden covers up, forcing the referee to intervene. The still-conscious van Heerden protests briefly, but is a good sport about it. Amazing performance by Spence.

Final result: Spence, Jr. def. van Heerden by TKO


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