Mir and Arlovski on PEDs, Glover an old ass, Johnson vs Dodson....Who?

Whats up MMA BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! Lets dive right into this mess and try to figure out what the hell am I talking about. When this fight between Arlovski vs. Mir was announced at first I asked myself why is Arlovski fighting Mir if he just beat up Travis Browne in undeniable fashion. The pit-bull has a win over top 5 fighter and a win over the champ. Should be fighting for the title. Anyway I looked at 191 fight card and realized that it needed a couple more established fighters besides Rumble for the MMA COMMON folk to get excited about. Before you to tell me I don’t know what the f#*k I’m talking bout and everyone knows who these guys are. Unfortunately a lot of the COMMON MMA fans don’t know who Johnson or Dodson are. Let alone competing for a world f’n title. These guys have some of the best technique and most exciting fights in the UFC, but you already knew that…Right? I hope.

Let me get back on track here. Mir and Arlovski are actually relevant again?!?!? Am I in a fringing time warp or something?!?!? Not just relevant, but actual contenders?!?!? In 2015?!?!? Is this due to the UFC’s new drug testing policy? How does that make sense? Older fighters who don’t "LOOK" like their on any PEDs are beating younger and tougher competition. Are we sure these 2 guys are clean? Anderson Silva didn’t look like he was on PEDs. Look at Lance Armstrong the guy looked like he belonged in a rehab for eating disorders and was full of more drugs then the entire 1980’s WWF locker room. What do I think you ask. I don’t think either one of these guys are juicing. I think this is the culmination of the sport getting clean and 2 old asses that have technique, skill and experience to beat younger fighters that aren’t all gassed on those special supplements. It should be the other way around. This is a unique sport. In other sports guys fall off when they’re in their late 20’s or early 30’s. Look at Glover. He beat the younger, faster, more athletic fighter because he’s an old ass. Were not gonna miss these guys being juiced out of their minds like baseball did. The sport won’t fall apart. It won’t be dollar hot-dog night anytime soon. Look at the last 6 or 7 fight cards. They were money with the exception of one.

We are in great time for this sport. We get to witness this thing grow. I can’t really speak to Ali vs. Frazier or Duran vs. Sugar Ray. But 30 years from now I can talk to younger fans about UFC 4. When the legend Keith Hackney pounded on that guy from Austin Powers junk and it was legal. When the Forrest vs. Bonnar fight catapulted the sport. When this chick came in and started throwing other chicks on their heads with her crazy judo. The point is the sport is still very young and I think with them cleaning it up now will preserve the wins by the fighters and the records that are going to be broken. It will be legit. We can watch real talent and skill win fights. We can watch a fight with Arlovski and Mir and appreciate the hell out of it.


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