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GLORY 23 live stream results: 'Holzken vs Daniels 2' play-by-play kickboxing updates

GLORY Sports International

GLORY 23 takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Aug. 7, 2015) from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlined by a rematch between Nieky Holzken and Raymond Daniels for the vacant Welterweight title. Former champion "Bazooka" Joe Valtellini had to vacate the title because of issues stemming from post-concussion syndrome.

The main event title fight is a rematch from GLORY 19, where Holzken finished Daniels in the third round of the tournament final via technical knockout.

The co-main is a battle in the Heavyweight division between GLORY 21 "qualifier" tournament winner, Xavier Vigney, and United Kingdom veteran Daniel Sam.

And, as per usual, GLORY 23 will have a four-man tournament, this one a "qualifier" that takes place in the Middleweight division. In the semifinal match ups, Dustin Jacoby will take on Ariel Sepulveda and Casey Greene will collide with Quinton O'Brien.

MMAMania will deliver LIVE fight coverage of GLORY 23's "Superfight Series" that begins online at 9 p.m. ET this evening, as well as live coverage of the televised Spike TV main card, which begins at 11 p.m. ET. To watch both events live online click here.


Nieky Holzken def Raymond Daniels via TKO (cut stoppage) RD3 (1:36)

Middleweight final: Dustin Jacoby def Casey Greeene via TKO RD2 (1:19)
Xavier Vigney def Daniel Sam via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Middleweight semi: Dustin Jacoby def Ariel Sepulveda via KO RD1 (2:59)
Middleweight semi: Casey Greene def Quinton O'Brien via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Jamal Ben Saddik def Anderson Silva via TKO RD 3 (2:55)
Matt Baker def Edward Hyman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Chad Sugden def Murthel Groenhart via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Anvar Boynazarov def Giga Chikadze via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Nieky Holzken vs. Raymond Daniels

RD 1: Big John McCarthy is your referee. Here we go. The rematch from GLORY 19. Both fighters fresh. Daniels aggressive to start. BOdy kick lands for Daniels. Low kick lands for Holzken. Daniels misses on a spinning kick. COmbo from Daniels is blocked by Holzken. Low kick lands for Daniels. They clinch and Big John breaks them up. Jab lands for Daniels. Daniels slips. Jab by Daniels. BOdy kick by Daniels lands. Holzken seems very patient here. Body punch by Daniels. Spinning back kick by Daniels misses. Right hand behind the guard of Holzken lands. Right hand misses for Holzken.

RD 2: Daniels misses a spinning kick. Hook gets behind the guard again for Daniels. Holzken stalking Daniels. And he lands a couple of inside low kicks. Knee ot body by Daniels. HOlzken lands a right hand. Holzken misses an uppercut.RIght to the body by Daniels. Low kick by Holzken. Left straight lands for Daniels. Two light punches to the boy for Daniels. Left to the body by Holzken. Knee and a right hand by Daniels. BOdy kick by Daniels.Two knees to the body by Daniels.

RD 3: Teep by Holzken. Holzken misses a right and counters. Holzkne lands a few solid punches and a knee in the corner. Daniels is bleeding from the left eye. Its a bad cut. RIght straight by HOlken followed by a left-right combo. Holzken walks away and points to Big John to look at cut. Big John sees the severity and waves the right off. It's bad and on Daniels eye lid. Too dangerous to let it continue. Tough, tough break for Daniels.

Final Result: Holzken defeats Daniels via TKO (cut stoppage) RD 3 (1:36) Holzken wins welterweight title


Middleweight tournament final: Jacoby vs. Greene

RD 1:Mark Smith is your referee. Here we go. Tournament final. This should be a fun one. Jab lands for Jacoby. Low kick lands for Jacboy but he eats a hook. Jab lands again for Jacoby and a hook. Low kick lands for Jacoby. RIght straight lands for Jacoby. Jacoby in control here. Left jab again for Jacoby. Right over the top for Jacoby misses. Hihg kick blocked by Jacoby. Step-in knee by Jacoby. Greene has a cut. High kick blocked by Jacoby. Low kick lands for Greene. Right hand lands for Jacoby. Left hook lands for Jacboy. Greene is rocked. Jacoby runs in and lands a right and the ropes catch Greene. Smith rules it a knockdown and administers a count. Greene is ok. Round ends.

RD 2: High kick grazes Greene. Knee to body by jacoby. Left kick to the body by Jacoby. Jab lands for Greene. Big right hand lands for Jacboy. Jacoby hurts Greene again. Greene in trouble in corner. Jacoby marches in and tees off in the corner on Greene. Smith steps in to call it off.

Final Result: Dustin Jacoby defeats Casey Greene via TKO RD2 (1:19)


Xavier Vigney vs. Daniel Sam

RD 1: Tony Weeks is your third man in the ring. Vigney lands a low kick. Sam answers with one of his own. Vigney goes to the body with a left hand. Low kick by Sam and Vigney slips to the canvas. Jab by Vigney finds its mark. Vigney comes forward with a jab. Overhand right by Sam backs Vigney up. Low kick by Sam finds its mark. Vigney lands a low kick. Low kick by Vigney. Body kick by Sam. VIgney lands another low kick. Low kick again by Vigney. Knee to the boy by Sam. Vigney whiffs on a left hook. One-two blocked by Sam.

RD 2: Sam misses an uppercut. Sam lands a low kick. Vigney lands another jab.Vigney misses a spinning back kick. One two by Vigney backs up Sam.Sam content on shelling up and defending. Straight right blocked by Sam. Body punch by VIgney. Vigney punch combo and finishes with low kick. Sam blocks another straight by VIgney. Vigney taking what he gives him. Lands another low kick. Low kick lands for Sam. Teep by Sam. Sam blocks a high kick.

RD 3: RIght straight gets through the guard for Vigney. Sam still content on shelling up and waiting to counter. Vigney coming forward. They clinch and Weeks separtes. Low kick by Sam lands. Knee to body by Sam in clinch. Vigney misses on an uppercut. Low kick by Sam. Right hand misses by Sam.Vigney backs up Sam with a right hand. The bell and the end of the fight.

Final Result: Xavier Vigney defeats Daniel Sam via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)


Dustin Jacoby vs. Ariel Sepulveda

RD 1: Left jab lands for Jacoby. Outside low kick lands by Jacoby. Sepulveda lands a jab. Jacoby rocks Sepulveda and he has him in trouble. Another jab lands for Jacoby. Superman punch misses for Sepulveda. Knee from Jacoby and he slips to the canvas. Jab lands for Jacboy. Sepulveda cant get a left through. Jacoby clips Sepulveda with a punch and Sepulveda is on rubber legs. Jacoby swarms in and the clappers sound. Jacoby hits a right-left-right and Sepulveda crashes into the ropes. He caromed off the ropes and Jacoby landed a right hand that put him down for good.

Final Result: Dustin Jacoby defeats Ariel Sepulveda via KO RD1 (2:59)


Casey Greene vs. Quinton O' Brien

RD 1: Big John McCarthy is your referee. Low kick lands for O'Brien. One-two lands for Greene. Nut shot by Greene and the action is stopped. Body kick from O'Brien. Greene with a stiff jab. High kick misses from Greene. O'Brien clinches up. Low kick lands for O'Brien. O'Brien bleeding from left eye. Greene misses a spinning-back kick.

RD 2: Body kick by Greene. Knee to body by O'Brien. Outside low kick by Greene. Left hook lands for Greene. Teep from O'Brien pushes Greene backwards. High kick blocked from O'Brien. O'Brien lands a right hand.Uppercut by Greene finds its mark. Teep lands for O'Brien. Right uppercut by Greene. Low kick lands for O'Brien.Jumping knee from Greene doesn't get through. Right to the body by Greene. RIght behind the guard lands for Greene. Round ends.

RD 3: Low kick lands for Greene. Body kick is blocked by O'Brien. Righ and a left lands for Greene. O'Brien is starting to tire here. Right hook misses by Greene. Body Kick lands for O"Brien. Back kick misses by Greene. O'Brien clinches but doesn't land anything significant. Knee to body by Greene. Kick to the body by Greene. Big right hand by Greene and the fight ends.

Final Result: Casey Greene defeats Quinton O'Brien via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)



Anderson Silva vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

RD 1: Steve Mazzagatti is your third man in the ring. Saddik weighed in at 295 pounds!!!! Here we go. Silva lands a low kick to start things off. And one more. Left hook to the body by Silva. Left hook misses. Silva moves in and Saddik clinches. One two lands for Silva against the ropes. Silva comes forward and Saddik slips and clinches. Silva opens up with a combo on Saddik. Saddik is a bit tentative. Big right hand misses for Silva. HIgh kick by Silva misses the mark. Inside low kick lands for Silva. Uppercut misses for Saddik. Round ends.

RD 2: Two jabs land for Saddik. LEft to the body for Saddik lands. Overhand right by Silva fails to get through. Left kick to body by Silva blocked by Saddik. Silva comes forward with a hook to the body. Saddik fires a kick but misses. Mazzagatti breaks up a clinch. Saddik blocks a hook by Silva.Saddik lands a jab. Inside low kick lands for Silva. Sddik stand with his back to corner. Low kick lands for Silva. Round ends.

RD 3: Silva coming forward and putting pressure on Saddik. Can't capitalize on anything. Saddik lands a left hand and drops Silva. Silva beats the count. Saddik throws a punch over the ref and fight is halted. Saddik comes up top with a kick but it misses. Saddik has Silva hurt. Big punches by Saddik. Silva slips. Saddik backs Silva up. Saddik drops Silva with a right hand. Silva beats the count but Mazzagatti waves it off. Silva was badly hurt there. Great come from behind win for Saddik.

Final Result: Jamal Ben Saddik defeats Anderson Silva via TKO RD3 (2:55)


Matt Baker vs. Edward Hyman

RD 1: Tony Weeks is your referee. HIgh kick misses for Baker and he slips to canvas. They clinch and Weeks breaks them up. Baker lands a jab and Hyman pushes forward. Hyman lands a knee. Baker has another high kick blocked. Hymanr blocks a body kick. Fighters clinch and Weeks breaks them up again. Round ends.

RD 2: Outside low kick lands for Baker. Weeks initiates the clinch again. Baker misses on a high kick. Another clinch by Hyman. Low kick Hyman lands. Teep by Baker lands and HYman clinches again. Low kick by Hyman lands. Another clinch by Hyman.

RD 3: Baker tries for an uppercut in HYman's clinch. Baker misses a jumping knee. Low kick lands for Baker. Clinch by Hyman and the ref breaks them up. Baker tries for a knee to the body. Left to the body for Baker. Knee misses for Baker but he's pressing the action and staying busy. Uppercut by Baker lands clean. Right hand lands for Hyman. HIgh kick by Baker blocked. Knee up the middle by Baker. High kick by Baker blocked. Teep lands for Hyman. Left to the body by Baker. Short uppercut lands for Baker in the clinch. Baker lands a combo at the bell.

Final Result: Matt Baker defeats Ed Hyman (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Murthel Groenhart vs. Chad Sugden

RD 1: Mark Smith is your referee. Sugden starts with a teep. Groenhart lands two outside low kicks. Inside low kick now by Gorenhart. High kick misses by Groenhart. Sugden moves forward but misses with a right hand. Another outside lowkick finds the mark by Groenhart. THey clinch and SMith breaks them up. BOdy kick by Sugden lands. Both fighters in the center of ring. High kick blocked by Sugden. Back kick barely gets through on Groenhart. Knee to body by Sugden. Right hand lands for Groenhart. Teep by Groenhart lands and both fighters exchange at the bell.

RD 2: Lowkick lands by Groenhart but a follow up jumping knee misses the mark. Sugden misses a left hook. BOdy kick checked by Sugden. Groenhart misses a high kick and slips. Stiff left jab lands by Groenhart. Left hook misses right after. Groenhart pushes Sugden into corner. RIght hand misses for Groenhart. High kick misses again for Groenhart. He clinches Sugden and Smith calls for the break. Sugden sips on a spinning wheel kick. Very close fight so far. Another clinch in corner and the round ends.

RD 3: High kick blocked by Groenhart. And another is blocked by Groenhart. Teep by Sugden pushes Groenhart back. Sugden evades a left hand by Groenhart. LEft to body and right to head by Groenhart. Sugden has a cut above his left eye. Could be from a head clash. Sugden slips to canvas. Groenhart muscles Sugden into ropes but can't capitalize. Groenhart falls to canvas.Referee halts action and doctor is checking Groenharts head for a cut. High kick misss the mark by Sugden. Spinning hook kick misses for Sugden. They clinch at the bell.

Final Result: Chad Sugden def Murthel Groenhart (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Giga Chikadze vs. Anvar Boynazarov

RD 1:

RD 2: Boynazarov has Chikadze in the corner and is pressing the action. Chikadze fires a low kick. Boynazarov comes forward again. Jumping knee misses the mark for Boynazarov.

RD 3: Boynazarov comes forward and Chikadze keeps him back with his jab. Both fighters exchanging in the middle of the ring. THey clinch and Mazzagatti breaks them up. Outside low kick by Boyzanarov.Straight right by Boynazarov. Chikadze circles out of the corner. Knee by Boynazarov. ONe-two by Boynazaraov. Chikadze lands a combination. Tornado kick misses mark from Boynazarov. Both fighters swinging for the fences. Boynazarov marches forward and Chikadze slips as fight concludes.

Final Result: Boynazarov defeats Chikadze via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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