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'Wealthy' Georges St-Pierre laments fighters bound by UFC gag order: 'They need to keep their mouths shut'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

One of the issues Georges St-Pierre doesn't have to worry about since stepping away from mixed martial arts (MMA) is the much-criticized deal between Reebok and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

That, and having to potentially fight opponents on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), something "Rush" has long proclaimed was a problem within the sport. In fact, St-Pierre has been advocating for stricter drug testing, and declared during an open workout and recent media scrum that he repeatedly brought the matter to the attention of his former employer.

Something most fighters under contract with UFC are hesitant to do.

That said, there's a big difference between St-Pierre and the rest of the UFC roster. He's a mega star who helped generate millions of dollars (it's good to be king), which means he can voice his opinion without fear of being reprimanded.

Sorry, "Stitch."

On that note, the former UFC welterweight champion has some advice for his ex-colleagues, particularly those who would love nothing more than to speak out against the deal, or perhaps any other issue within the company: Keep your mouths shut!

His words of wisdom (via MMA Fighting):

"Now, I know my (top) spot with UFC. I'm wealthy now. A few years ago, I didn't make as much money. It was easy for people to say, 'Oh yeah? You're talking bad about us? Out. You're out. We don't hire you.' There are a lot of guys in the same situation. They think the same things as me, but they don't have the power I have. I don't need to fight anymore. If I don't want to fight, I am wealthy, I am happy. I don't need this anymore. I don't have to. Maybe I would like to, but I don't need to. Some of the guys, when you're a professional athlete, it's not a jet set life. It's a very hard life. These guys, they don't make a lot of money, so they need to keep their mouths shut. If you open [your mouth] and say what you think, you saw what happened in the Reebok thing. If you talk bad about certain things you're kicked out. Some of these guys, they need the income. I understand that and I'm no different. But now I'm in a position where I can say what I think. I'm just not disrespectful. I don't say names or anything, but this is a problem. I'm talking for a lot of people. Trust me."

Now that UFC has taken measures to get rid of all PEDs with its new-and-improved drug testing system, it seems they might have another issue on their hands, one that might keep Georges on the bench for good.

Then again, most of St-Pierre's blue chip sponsors -- which include Under Armour and Gatorade -- would have likely stayed with the French-Canadian, despite the fact that their logos wouldn't be visible come fight night.

Plus, you can rest assured Reebok reps would have tried their hardest to ink Georges to an exclusive solo deal (similar to this) by showing him the money and making the wealthy even wealthier.

The time is now!

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