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Rousimar Palhares: Jake Shields a greasy a-hole who lied about eye gouging


Two sides to every story?

A response was inevitable after Rousimar Palhares was stripped of his World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight title, though I'm sure the mixed martial arts (MMA) community was expecting something a wee bit different.

Instead, Palhares went full ... well, Palhares.

In a follow-up interview with MMA Fighting, the Brazilian -- accused of holding his submission long after his opponent surrendered -- categorically refuted the accusation he used dirty tactics against Jake Shields, while simultaneously suggesting it was his opponent who was doing most of the cheating.

"Jake Shields is unbelievable. He's a total asshole. I couldn't believe someone could be such an asshole. He has no respect for me, for the sport, for anyone. He's dishonest. He had Vaseline all over his body, he was more slippery than an okra. I couldn't grab a hold of him for nothing."

Palhares also specifically deflects the charge that he repeatedly and maliciously gouged Shields in the eyes, instead suggesting it was his opponent who is to blame after trying to recreate the ending to Mark Kerr vs. Dan Bobish at UFC 14.

"I never gouged his eyes. I was pushing his face because he was hitting my eyes with his chin. He says his eyes were like that because I eye gouged him, but how about my kicks and punches? Is he crazy? I beat him up, tapped him, and he's saying I did that because I eye gouged him? That's pure crap."

It doesn't seem like the war of words over who did what will ever end, but one thing is certain: both fighters are suspended until at least September pending a review by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). That said, their jurisdiction ends once the fight hits the street.

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