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UFC 192's Ryan Bader didn't 'dwell and cry' after title fight snub

You just gotta' keep on keeping on.

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Ryan Bader wasn't too happy when he learned that he was passed over for a title fight against Daniel Cormier in favor Alexander Gustafsson; especially since "The Mauler" had just gotten beat down by Anthony Johnson.

But, Darth" isn't one to cry about it, especially when he learned he was matched up against former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight championRashad Evans, a fight that goes down UFC 192 on Oct. 3, 2015 in Houston, Texas.

Always looking on the bright side, Bader says win or lose against "Suga," he still has a chance at earning a championship fight. After all, Cormier and Gustafsson -- which will headline UFC 192 -- earned their title shots coming off a loss.

Check out what Bader had to say to MMA Junkie:

"You know, I'm not one to kind of dwell and cry about it. I got over it pretty quickly when I learned I had a fight and I was fighting a name like Rashad. It does suck to have the last two guys get title shots off a loss. But if I look at it on the positive side going into this fight, win or lose I still have a shot at getting a title shot."

It's very easy to sympathize with Bader, after all, he's on a four-fight win streak, the current longest active streak in the division for fights won inside the Octagon.

The problem?

They've all come via decision, something "Darth" says he plans on addressing when he goes toe-to-toe with Evans in "H-Town."

"Going in there I want to go in there and make a statement. I want to go in there and leave no doubt in anybody's mind that I deserve that next title shot. Whether it's that I haven't got it from my last four wins from me not finishing them or whatnot. I know that. MMA is kind of a double-edged sword. I've been told to go out there and win at all costs since I was five years old in wrestling. So I bring that to the MMA game. At the same time, you have to be exciting. You have to get finishes and all that stuff too. I've been fighting top-tier guys my whole career. Last three fights were guys in the top 10 or top five. Now I'm fighting Rashad. I want to go out there and cap off that five-fight win streak with a big name like Rashad, a former champion, and do it in an impressive way where nobody can say that I don't deserve that shot."

Going into the bout, Bader has one distinct advantage over Rashad, as he has been very active while "Suga" hasn't competed since November of 2013 thank to injury.

But will it be enough to earn his fifth straight victory -- and his long-desired championship bout -- over a dangerous established veteran such as Evans?

Time will tell.

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