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Khabib Nurmagomedov calls out 'sucker' Nate Diaz for 'running' from him at WSOF 22

Things are getting heated!

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't heard by now, Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz were involved in an unsanctioned street fight (again), when the duo and their entourage engaged in fisticuffs with Team Khabib Nurmagomedov last Saturday night (Aug. 1, 2015) at World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 22 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And the brawl -- which eventually spilled onto the Planet Hollywood casino floor -- was all caught on video.

While Diaz is busy celebrating the Stockton slap with which he allegedly caught "The Eagle," Nurmagomedov is painting a different picture, taking to Instagram to recount his version of the events that went down in "Sin City."

Nurmagomedov alleges, in fact, that Diaz ran from him on three separate occasions that night when things got hot and heavy.

Salam Aleikum all, get unrealistic number of messages about yesterday's incident, I can tell you simply: fights between guys occur, there is nothing unusual, but since we're both UFC fighters, it has become a big hassle this news, yesterday we faced in the tournament to Nate Diaz, and he started verbal fight, after he began swinging. Like a professional fighter, I was aware that it's happening out there where a lot of people, I kept myself patient, since it was a live broadcast of the tournament WSOF on TV, it may prove a large number of witnesses. I do not want to describe all the details, but when the brawl get hot, that sucker run away from me three times, but I swear by God I am not in debt remain, and remained ever. Will see what's happen next, I've already asked for a fight with him at UFC bosses, but judging by the speed as the Diaz ran, it's hard to believe that the fight will take place. #run


As a result of the unfortunate events, the Diaz brothers -- who Khabib labeled "thugs" -- have been banned from all World Series of Fighting events. A similar punishment was not levied against Nurmagomedov's crew, which leads many to believe WSOF officials are deeming the Diaz brothers as inciters.

The funny part? This whole mess appeared to have started with one simple photobomb.

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