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Jake Shields wants to bite Rousimar Palhares and kick him in the balls after dirty WSOF 22 loss

After being gouged in the eyes repeatedly and put into a kimura, which wasn't released when he submitted, Jake Shields doesn't want a rematch in World Series of Fighting ... he wants to take it to the streets.

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 22 came to a decisive end on Aug. 1, 2015, but not without a measure of controversy. Jake Shields accused Rousimar Palhares of cheating all throughout the second round of their main event match, gouging him in the eyes multiple times.

And to add insult to literal injury, Palhares refused to let go of a submission when Shields tapped to a kimura in round three (watch video highlights here).

In a post-fight interview almost immediately after WSOF 22 ended at Planet Hollywood Casino, Shields spoke to Submission Radio about what he wants to happen to Palhares next. And not inside the WSOF Decagon.

"Yeah man, I want to fight the guy in the streets to be honest, 'cause I want to gouge his eyes back, I want to bite him, I want to kick him in the balls. I like actually wanna fight the guy. If I see him tonight I'm coming after him. Like I don't like the guy. They've got rules and he's not following the rules. I don't know. I mean I'll fight him again in a cage, but maybe I'll stoop to his level if I have a shitty ref."

Shields may want to be cautious what kind of promises he makes, given he already took a post-fight swing at Palhares, and Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) may take issue with that. That's not the only item on his plate, though, as he has to worry about his friends Nick and Nate Diaz after their unsanctioned Khabib Nurmagomedov brawl.

"Man I went straight back, I haven't had a chance to talk to (Nick or Nate) yet, because they had to leave after that (fight). I didn't realize it was going on until after, I heard it was Nate and Khabib, so I don't know. I got a text message from my friends, I'm probably gonna go meet up with those guys now."

Numerous sanctions may be coming for all parties involved, but Shields is adamant that Palhares is the biggest offender of anyone on Saturday night.

"Yeah, you know, I think it was blatant. I think he should probably be suspended. Especially with his track record. I mean it's not my place to say, that's between the athletic commission and them. I don't know, but I know if I was in charge I'd definitely suspend him."

And does Shields think that WSOF should levy its own punishment?

"They're in a tricky situation. It's their champ, you know, like what do you do? Do you strip him or not? I mean I don't know. Personally, I probably would, but that's... you know, I respect both (Ray Sefo and Ali Abdel-Aziz). That's a decision they're going to have to make."

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