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UFC Quick Quote: Chad Mendes has his 'Money' on Jose Aldo beating Conor McGregor at UFC 194

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

I think Aldo. Feeling the kicks of both guys obviously Aldo's power and speed is 10 times more than Conor. I think Conor does a great job of keeping that distance with his punches which could possibly give Aldo some issues but I mean... Here's the thing, Aldo gets tired but finds a way to push through it. I mean, on the inside he punches hard as hell. Like, the times that I'd get inside of Conor I was beating him on punches and landing and stuff. And Aldo I feel is just as fast on the inside as me and has power. Conor can take a punch though so I'm not seeing really either one of these guys going out. But I just see Aldo winning that fight. I think he's got too much power, too much speed, too much athleticism. I think Aldo could go out there and take him down and just beat him on top every round. I mean I felt Aldo on top of me, he has great control. He definitely knows what he's doing on top and Conor off his back doesn't really have anything.

That was UFC featherweight Chad Mendes speaking on the Stud Radio Show about his thoughts on the only two men to defeat him in his mixed martial arts career (MMA). Mendes competed against Jose Aldo twice in his career, losing via knockout in the first round at UFC 142 and by unanimous decision at UFC 179. His most recent fight was for the interim featherweight title against Conor McGregor at UFC 189, a fight he lost via technical knockout in the second round after agreeing to the matchup on two weeks notice. As the only fighter who has competed against both men, Mendes may be the most qualified to offer his opinion on who will prevail at UFC 194 in Las Vegas on Dec. 12, 2015. Do you think he's right? Who do you have your money on?

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